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Why is Chinese women's football stronger than Chinese men's football?

Now let Xiao Bian explain why the Chinese women's football team is stronger than the Chinese men's football team? Interested friends come and have a look! If so, why do you think it is?

first of all, if women's football and men's football at the same level play a game, women's football has no chance of winning at all. We see that Wang Shuang often slay the whole audience in Greater Paris, but her actions should be difficult to do in men's football games because of the rhythm of the game, Your reaction time is different.

but it's natural to say that Chinese women's football team has a stronger position than men's football team in the world. One of the big reasons is that our country started women's sports earlier and has more advantages in this regard. This is also an embodiment of China's greater emphasis on gender equality. For example, many old opponents of men's football team in Asia in West Asia have no women's football team at all.

in fact, in China, men's football is better than women's football in all aspects, even better than most domestic sports, but there are too many countries that pay attention to football all over the world. I hope our football can be better and better regardless of men and women.

on this issue, we don't talk about the competition rules or the sports system, because in terms of these, it is relatively fair, Unless the referee takes bribes????.

Why is women's football stronger than men's football? In fact, as far as the big ball is concerned, it seems that China can't do it. Except for the men's football team, the results of the men's basketball team and the men's volleyball team are average.

to be honest, there are some things that Chinese women can do, or overcome all difficulties and achieve their wishes, but they may not be able to do it if they are men. If you say this, you may be defeated????!

it's not that men can't do it, but sometimes men care more about things, such as face problems. There are a lot of things to die for face and suffer????, In addition, there is a surplus of rigidity and a lack of toughness. Some things can only be achieved with the spirit of perseverance and courage????, You can say it's persistence, never forgetting your original heart and always getting there... However, many men are lack of tenacity and endurance in this regard, so why are there fewer successful people than those who fail? Because people who fail care more. They are afraid of failure. Once they fail, they lose everything. Therefore, Ma Yun's success is a model. Hasn't Ma Yun failed? No setbacks? If he gives up, do you think he will achieve what he is today ☺?

although most Chinese women don't have such great aspirations and delusions to be successful people in China, once they recognize a thing and a goal, they will move forward in this direction. No matter how many difficulties, setbacks and frustrations they encounter, they will overcome all difficulties, overcome obstacles and move forward all the way, Until you get what you want????!

softness can overcome hardness. You can also say that it is a little similar to Tai Chi. Although it is slow and slow, it is powerful????, So don't underestimate Chinese women, let alone Chinese Kung Fu????, A leaf or a card can hurt people. It's not a joke. It's true. As long as you have deep skills, you can do it when you get home.

why can some Chinese women do things that Chinese men can't? You can say that they have a sense of responsibility and family responsibility. You can also say that their hard-working, fraternal, tolerant, kind and brave temperament is innate. Maybe their mother and mother's mother (grandma and grandmother) are such people, so the elders can do it, and the future generations can do it naturally. What's strange?

in China, the idea of son preference seems to have been extended from ancient times to the present. Originally, men's genes are not as strong as women's. such a pampering and connivance will grind the masculine man's spirit almost

to sum up, is it strange that Chinese women's football is stronger than Chinese men's football????? We admit that our strength is not as big as you and our height is not as high as you. However, do you have the indomitable and indestructible courage and the spiritual quality of daring to shoulder to shoulder, doing things down-to-earth and moving forward steadily?

is purely a personal point of view. It may be a little subjective. Don't spray it if you don't like it. If you want to kill me, don't pull me into the blacklist ☺, I won't delete the comments.????????????????

when the degree of professionalism of a project is not high, the national system is useful, even positive incentive.

when a project is gradually professionalized, the national system is difficult, has little effect, and the disadvantages are gradually revealed.

when a project has been highly professional and there are countless talents and specialties relying on this system to survive, the national system is basically useless except for holding back.

the women's football team is still in the transition from the first stage to the second stage, and several professional attempts have not been very successful (Europe and the United States are mentioned here). Domestically, the women's football team still depends on the men's football team to survive. In the past few years, the popularity of China Super League has also driven some funds into the women's football field, and even women's football players with an annual salary of 400000 have created history. But if the national football team is dissolved and the league is cancelled, as some people hope, the women's football girls are likely to be worse than the men's football players.

people always say that women's football is not popularized all over the world. In fact, think about how many flowers and bones can become talents in the greenhouse! The older generation of Chinese football players can't say they are strong, but it's OK in Asia. Now, even if our international players play how smelly and bad, in a country where football players are scarce, the only driving force is the money bonus system. They really love football at the spiritual level, Don't talk about the pretext of learning the advanced concept of European football. What good conditions do North Korean football have? It's not the same. It's better than what!

the girls of the women's football team are paid less and have a Chinese heart in their hearts! The men's football garbage is more than who's salary, which hurts the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans! If the sow goes up the tree, the men's football team can't enter the top 16 of the world cup! A great country, but let the men's football garbage lose people! Support the women's football girls!!! Never watch the men's football broadcast! After watching it, you will only be sad and distressed. The taxpayer's money has raised a group of stupid pigs to be killed!!!

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