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What should I eat before and after swimming

Can I eat after swimming

Swimming pays more energy and consumes more energy. If the movement speed is the same, complete the same set of actions. Six times more power than on land. At the same time, the conduction velocity of water to heat is 26 times that of air. At the same temperature, people's heat consumption in water is more than 20 times that on land. For moderate intensity swimming, the energy consumption is about 300 ~ 500 kcal / h. Therefore, even if it is important to supplement physical strength, you can naturally eat after swimming.

Diet taboo before and after swimming, how to eat better

What to eat after swimming

After swimming, the human body's absorption of food is 2-3 times that of ordinary times. Choose digestible food, such as vegetables, rice, etc., but don't overdo it. Because there is a strong sense of hunger after swimming, a considerable number of people will eat a lot of things at once, which is easy to cause excess energy, but easy to cause obesity. If you are losing weight, don't eat high-fat and high calorie food (such as fried food and big fat meat) after swimming, otherwise your physical energy consumed by swimming will be wasted. One of the best choices for food after swimming is bean products and lean meat. This can not only supplement high-quality protein, but also has the advantage of low fat. Of course, green vegetables and staple foods are also OK.

Diet taboo before and after swimming, how to eat better

What's better to eat when swimming

When you swim all afternoon, you will inevitably go ashore to rest two or three times. At this time, you often want to eat snacks or drink drinks. Remember, don't drink sweet drinks such as coke and Sprite at this time, because at this time, the body is most likely to absorb calories quickly. To drink water, it is best to put some warm boiled water or tea in a sports cup in advance, and drink it during the interval of swimming. If you don't bring water, choose mineral water or sugar free tea! In this process, it's also good to eat snacks, but don't eat too much and eat too full. It is very suitable to eat cucumber, cherry and apple with fresh taste and low sugar content, which can alleviate hunger and supplement some energy for the body. In addition, you can also eat 1 ~ 2 pieces of coarse grain bread or oatmeal bread, but don't eat more, and don't eat butter bread or cake.

Diet taboo before and after swimming, how to eat better

What to eat before swimming

If you don't say anything superfluous, just remember three principles. 1. Don't swim on an empty stomach. Fasting swimming is easy to cause hypoglycemia, resulting in dizziness, fatigue and even fainting. 2. Don't swim when you're full. Just after eating, the blood is concentrated in the stomach. At this time, swimming will force the blood of the whole body back to the limbs, resulting in the reduction of blood in the stomach, resulting in indigestion of food, and a series of discomfort symptoms such as "fork gas" and "stomach pain". 3. It is recommended to eat foods that are easy to digest and high in energy. For example, beef is recommended to be cooked rotten to facilitate digestion, so as not to cause excessive burden on the small intestine that is absorbing nutrients for 1 ~ 2 hours after meals during swimming.

Diet taboo before and after swimming, how to eat better

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