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What if you choke water when swimming

once you choke water when swimming, you must save yourself quickly, of course, if you are still conscious. So what should I do if I choke when swimming? Take a quick look at this guide, which will give you the most scientific answer!

leave the water surface and quickly lower your head

when you feel choking water when swimming, don't raise your head or tilt your head up. This will make the water choke into your throat or trachea. Leave the water surface and lower your head quickly, In this way, the water can control some by itself.

What if you choke water when swimming

cough many times

lower your head and cough several times. Remember not to use too much force, Prevent hurting your throat. If you cough a few times, you will cough out some water in your trachea.

What if you choke water when swimming

get ashore quickly and see a doctor

if you feel hot in your trachea, Then don't continue swimming. Go ashore quickly, put on your clothes and find a doctor. Let the doctor check whether some organs are injured or there is some water.

What if you choke water when swimming

take some drugs appropriately

some people will feel headache and sore throat after choking water, Then be sure to see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe some drugs to you according to your situation, take the medicine on time and pay attention to rest. The general problem will not be very serious.

What if you choke water when swimming

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