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What are the hazards of excessive exercise in children

In recent years, sports and fitness are popular. Many parents take their children with them. Proper exercise for children is beneficial to health. However, due to insufficient muscle strength and bone development, children who are too young are not recommended to carry out sports such as long-distance running and weight lifting. It is better to wait until after puberty, so as to avoid overtraining at an early age, which may make bones and joints vulnerable to injury, In the future, they may also fear and reject sports.

Children shouldn't run

preschool children under the age of 6 can run at most 3 ~ 5km, and primary school students can run at most 10km. Then, according to their personal training level and physical strength, gradually increase the running distance to 20km and 30km. The most taboo is to suddenly run for a long distance without running, which is easy to cause injury. Warm up exercises should be done before and after running to prevent injury.

Hazards of excessive exercise in children

Excessive exercise seriously endangers bone development

In childhood, the muscles of the body mainly grow longitudinally, the strength of fixing joints is very weak, the bone elasticity is large but the hardness is weak, and the endurance, muscle strength and temperature regulation ability are worse than those of adults. Therefore, it is not suitable for strenuous sports, such as long-distance running, weight lifting, high-frequency interactive squat jumping or push ups, so as to avoid joint dislocation and soft tissue injury, Fear affects bone development; In addition, if you exercise for a long time under high temperature without proper rest and water supplement, it may also cause rhabdomyolysis, and even lead to kidney washing.

Hazards of excessive exercise in children

Preschool sports play

for children before the age of 6, most of the children's sports at this time are for fun. Parents should not over train their children's sports, just to strive for ranking results, which is easy to put pressure on children, and children may be less able to control and protect themselves in the competition because they are competitive, which is prone to sports injuries; In addition, under pressure, children may rebound from exercise in the future. It is recommended that children in this period exercise for a single time of half an hour, and then slowly increase to 1 hour or 2 hours depending on their age and physical strength.

because children grow tall first and then gain weight, their muscle strength is weak and prone to fatigue. If children are allowed to carry out muscle weight-bearing strength training too early, it may not only cause sports injury, but also affect the symmetrical development of all parts of the body because their local muscles are strong. In addition, it may also be due to strenuous exercise and training, It has a great burden on the heart.

Hazards of excessive exercise in children

It's better to start training again in adolescence

if you want to do more vigorous exercise or muscle strength training, you'd better wait until puberty, that is, boys are about 14 years old and girls are about 12 years old, because at this time, bones, heart and lungs are more mature. However, it is best to do comprehensive sports. Don't only focus on a certain sport, so that the body can get all-round development. In particular, you can do more running and jumping sports, such as rope skipping and playing basketball, which can give mild stimulation to the growth board and help to grow tall.

Hazards of excessive exercise in children


some games, such as bumper cars, are not recommended for children under the age of 6 because of the impact strength. As for scooters, because they should maintain balance and good hand and foot coordination, children should also pay attention to safety when playing. Children's sports are good, but we should pay attention to the type and intensity of sports; In addition, during illness, because of poor physical condition, don't exercise reluctantly, you should have more rest.

Hazards of excessive exercise in children

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