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What are the extreme sports

Sports can bring vitality to people's lives. Extreme sports are also the hobby of many adventurous people. So what are extreme sports? Let me explain my opinion.

Rock climbing

rock climbing is a very dangerous sport, but there are many rock climbers who always like to challenge themselves and conquer one cliff after another.

What are the advantages of extreme sports

Bungee jumping

Many people who like excitement like bungee jumping. Bungee jumping can make people enjoy the feeling of free fall in a few seconds, Bungee jumping also takes a lot of courage.

What are the advantages of extreme sports


surfing is an extreme sport driven by waves. This sport requires good technology, And the danger is also great. We should not only have good physical coordination, but also have superb swimming skills.

What are the advantages of extreme sports

Other extreme sports

There are also some extreme sports, such as Longboard, skateboard, extreme bike, snowboard, Street crash, parkour Many people like extreme sports such as double warped skateboard, extreme cross-country, extreme water skiing and extreme roller skating.

What are the advantages of extreme sports

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