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The original time rule of football game, football or change to 60 minutes + stopwatch

recently, the international football Council, as the official body for the formulation and revision of football rules, said that they were discussing the feasibility of the revolutionary new scheme of "full court 60 minutes + stopwatch system". If this scheme is adopted, it means that the rules of football match will usher in major changes.

football or 60 minutes + time stop

the traditional football game uses the method of 90 minutes + make-up time, but because of various pauses, the real pure game time is often less than 60 minutes. In order to improve this situation and remove the bad or immoral factors such as time delay, this revolutionary new rule in football has been officially put on the agenda.

this new rule is to change the time of a football game to 60 minutes, which is divided into 30 minutes in the first half and 30 minutes in the second half. Once the game is interrupted (out of bounds ball, players are injured or use substitution to delay time in injury stoppage), the timer will stop moving, that is to say, these 60 minutes will be pure game time. This is somewhat similar to the timing method commonly used in the NBA and various basketball games in the United States. The timepiece will go only when it really enters the game time.

The original time rule of football game, football or change to 60 minutes + stopwatch

Zola likes the rule

"I personally like this rule because too many teams try to use time and delay time in various ways when they are ahead." former Chelsea legend Zola, now a member of the international football Council, believes that this scheme is feasible. "So I think this is a good rule. The pace of football match is fast enough. I don't like some changes, but this rule is a good idea."

The original time rule of football game, football or change to 60 minutes + stopwatch

penalty or will not be missed

if this revolutionary new rule is finally adopted by FIFA, it will become a measure to change the history of football. According to the original design intention of this new rule, most procrastinating actions will become meaningless. In addition, some changes and assumptions of the rules were included in the scope of discussion, including "the penalty saved in the game is not allowed to make up shots, and it will become a dead ball after saving, and the goal kick will be kicked off again", the position of the goal kick will be changed, the definition of handball, etc.

The original time rule of football game, football or change to 60 minutes + stopwatch

assistant video referee provokes controversy

fans hold different opinions on the change of game time. Some people think it will change the future of football and make the world's first sport more pure. However, some people believe that mistakes, tactical use and misjudgment are part of the charm of football. If the game is too rational, it will lose the human emotional factors condensed in football.

However, it is imperative to change and evolve the rules of football. No, a new technology was born in the Confederations Cup.

this Confederations Cup is the first time FIFA has allowed the use of video playback technology to help referees enforce the law. If the experimental results are satisfactory, it is also likely to use video assistant referee (VaR) in the world cup in Russia next year. In Portugal's 2-2 draw with Mexico and Chile's 2-0 victory over Cameroon, the referee asked VaR for help and changed the judgment several times at critical moments, including changing the judgment that the goal of Portuguese star Nani was invalid and two goals of Chilean striker Vargas: one change was valid and one change was invalid. Although Chile finally defeated Cameroon, Chilean players led by bidal complained a lot about var. At the end of the first half, they protested by pointing to the big screen of the stadium. Portugal coach Santos also believes that the performance of VaR is not satisfactory, especially dissatisfied with the change of Nani's goal.

the focus of the controversy over this new technology is that the game has been suspended for many times. The long time spent by the video referee has caused chaos in the scene. After the players celebrate the goal, they look at a loss, which also makes some problems in the emotional release of the football game. Of course, the use of a new technology will not be smooth, and people's adaptation will always have a process.

The original time rule of football game, football or change to 60 minutes + stopwatch

the original time rule of football match

the game is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. Unless otherwise agreed by the referee and both parties. Any agreement to change the game time (such as reducing each half to 40 minutes due to lack of light) must be made before the start of the game and comply with the competition rules.

in addition, it has the right of half-time rest, which shall not exceed 15 minutes. The competition rules must clarify the time of half-time rest. The halftime can be changed only with the consent of the referee.

deduct lost time

all time lost in each half of the game shall be deducted:

1. Replace team members;

2. Estimation of the injury of the team members;

3. Remove the injured players from the playing field for treatment;

4. Delay time;

5. Any other reason.

6. Deduct the lost time according to the judgment of the referee.

penalty kick

if a penalty kick is executed or a penalty kick is re executed, the end time of each half can be extended to the end of the penalty kick.

usually there is injury stoppage time after the end of a football game, but the time is not necessarily. The calculation method is calculated by the referee. Usually, there are 30 seconds of injury, replacement and other stoppage time (depending on the situation). Before the end of normal time, the referee will signal the amount of compensatory time to the fourth referee on the sidelines (in addition to the two line judges, there is also a fourth referee responsible for changing people and lifting injury stop time), and then the fourth referee will raise his card to explain the compensatory time to the fans and the coaches of the two teams.

The original time rule of football game, football or change to 60 minutes + stopwatch

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