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Skills of relay race

the relay race is a team sport. If you want to win the race, you need some skills in addition to running fast. Today, I'll teach you some skills in the relay race. Let's have a look.

a fast starter is on the first leg

if a slow starter is on the first leg, it will take a lot of time, You can win or lose every 0.01 second on the field, so you must use the person who starts fast for the first shot.

Skills of relay race

trot to pick up the baton instead of waiting

when taking over the baton, don't stay where you are, wait a little later for the team members to come, and catch the baton while trotting, This will be faster.

Skills of relay race

the last shot must be fast

the last stroke will really decide whether to win or lose. If the fast man is on the last stroke, he may reverse the backward situation. On the contrary, even if he runs ahead, he will fall behind.

Skills of relay race

work together

the relay race is a united race, which requires the tacit cooperation of the team members. If you want to win this race, you can't play tricks with your teammates, For example, if you run forward and ask the team members to run a few more steps, it will reduce the speed of the whole team.

Skills of relay race

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