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Precautions for playing tennis, how to avoid injury

many people like to meet three or five friends to play tennis on holidays. Tennis has a large amount of exercise, but it is also a more intense sport. If you don't pay attention to it, it may lead to the occurrence of "tennis elbow" and "tennis foot".

when playing tennis, pay attention to prevent tennis elbow

tennis elbow is a kind of tendinitis. Playing tennis often requires the action of backhand stroke. When playing backhand, the elbow is on the outside of the thumb. At this time, the place where the extensor muscle attaches to the humeral head, that is, the place where the muscle contacts the bone, is prone to bleeding and injury, which may gradually calcify and affect the local blood circulation, resulting in the emergence of tennis elbow. If it is not treated, In the future, any movement that requires the wrist upward will cause pain, such as holding a cup.

Precautions for playing tennis, how to avoid injury

playing tennis is prone to leg muscle strain

when playing tennis, you often have to hit the ball that the other party can't hit in order to get points. Therefore, you need to run left and right. At this time, the gastrocnemius muscle near the middle of the lower leg may be broken, and the patient will be very painful. It's like being hit by a stone. This is the tennis leg, which is actually the strain of the leg muscle.

Precautions for playing tennis, how to avoid injury

playing tennis can easily cause ankle sprains

in addition, when playing tennis, there are often sudden runs and stops. If you don't pay attention, it may lead to ankle sprain, ligament rupture and meniscus rupture, while the action of shoulder rotation when hitting the ball is easy to strain the tendon. It is worth noting that the action of jumping up and pressing down the ball may compress the spine and even cause intervertebral cartilage protrusion in serious cases, Then it oppresses the nerves and causes pain.

Precautions for playing tennis, how to avoid injury

how to prevent tennis elbow

tennis is an intense sport. For older people, it's best not to play games. Tennis can be regarded as a leisure activity. How can we prevent the occurrence of tennis elbow? Before playing, you need to do enough warm-up exercise. When playing the backhand, you can hit the ball with both hands instead of one hand, and slow down. In addition, don't force yourself when you can't hit the ball. You must save the ball to avoid joint muscle injury.

Precautions for playing tennis, how to avoid injury

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