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Junior high school women's 800 meter running skills must see

in school, girls' physical strength is generally weaker than boys, but it doesn't mean they can avoid 800 meter running. Many people are almost out of breath after running. Here are some skills of 800 meter running.

1. Do leg pressing, waist pressing, body turning, shoulder stretching and other activities to move the relevant joints, ligaments and muscles.
2. After getting on the runway, do several vertical jumps in situ to improve your excitement.
3. During this period, pay attention to keep your temperature and don't cool down.

clothing: as long as it is suitable for sports, but don't wear too much. If you sweat too much, you will stick to your body and can't open your legs. Pay attention to wearing warm clothes immediately after running. If possible, you can replace wet underwear.

1. If possible, drink some high concentration glucose water 30 minutes before exercise (glucose is a monosaccharide that can be quickly digested and absorbed and directly act on muscles). Don't drink other drinks. Drink white water if you are thirsty. Don't eat any food 30 minutes before exercise. Remember!!
2. Never eat sweets, especially chocolate, on the day of the exam, otherwise your throat will be very uncomfortable when running.

don't breathe too often. Breathe with your mouth and nose at the same time. Put your tongue on your upper jaw and let the air pass through both sides of your tongue to wet the air and avoid cold air blowing your throat.

don't start too slowly, because if it's too slow, it's difficult to catch up. Try to be in front and keep it.

Junior high school women's 800 meter running skills must see

then you can slow down a little after 100 meters, and then run at a constant speed for the remaining 300 meters. If everyone runs together, you will find that you can continue to surpass others in the second half of the first lap.

Junior high school women's 800 meter running skills must see

you can speed up a little at the beginning of the second lap. The specific speed depends on your physical strength, because you basically have to keep running at this speed for nearly 300 meters. It can be found here that it has surpassed many people again and again, and can basically run to the front step.

Junior high school women's 800 meter running skills must see

in the last 100 meters, you can be ready to speed up the sprint, but remember, don't add up the speed at once, because it's difficult to stick to the finish line in the current state. So accelerate evenly and run with all your strength in the last 50 meters.

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