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Iverson singles tutorial, in-depth analysis of pre body crossover I

[action decomposition]

1. Instantly lower the center of gravity, step out the right (left) foot, bend the knee of the left (right) foot (lateral bow step position), bow the body forward (attack posture during breakthrough), and pull the ball to the right (left) with the right (left) hand at the same time, which can open more and open more; Or momentarily lower the center of gravity, bend the knee of the left foot (lateral bow step position), and switch the ball from the left (right) hand to the right (left) hand, with a wide range;
2. When the range of the right (left) hand is pulled to the limit, the shoulder leans outward, the center of gravity is transferred from the left (right) foot and 90% of it falls on the right (left) foot, and then the knee of the right (left) foot is lowered (the left foot bends at the same beginning). The action is correct, and the left (right) foot is like dragging, which is conducive to increasing the breakthrough speed with the toe;
3. Switch the center of gravity from the right (left) foot to the left (right) foot, and change the direction in front of the body at the same time. The ball quickly switches from the right (left) hand to the left (right) hand, and the height of the switching ball is below the knees;
4. With the left (right) foot as the support, the right foot moves forward to the left (step and change hands are in the same direction), and cross step breakthrough with the ball.

Iverson singles tutorial, in-depth analysis of pre body crossover I

[key points]

1、 The dribble height is below the knees, and the fingers of both hands should also be below the knees;
2、 Shoulder! Shoulder! Shoulder! You must learn to use shoulder shaking. In the eyes of defenders, your shoulder movement is always the most confusing;
3、 Don't pull up the center of gravity when changing the direction in front of the body, otherwise there will be no speed advantage.

Iverson singles tutorial, in-depth analysis of pre body crossover I

[attack selection]

According to the defense intensity and environment, choose the jump shot or jump shot, and start the big cross step breakthrough when jumping; Increase the distance you move laterally when taking a jump shot and throw away the defensive shot.

Iverson singles tutorial, in-depth analysis of pre body crossover I

this ball is a very classic AI goal, which has been broadcast countless times on TV. The reason why the ball is a routine is that the AI has practiced the ball countless times and done it countless times on the court, because this routine uses some instinctive response of the defender and the instinctive response of the human body itself to rapid emergencies. Therefore, this routine can be called no solution. Of course, no matter how good the routine is, you can't use it. For example, you will make a fake move that the left side really takes the right side. Even if you do it well, you can't use this one endlessly. Instead, you must combine it with several left side breakthroughs and success, so that the opponent can't be defenseless and judge your real intention.

first of all, let's generally say that this routine can be divided into two parts. The first part is the most critical pass, that is, pass the direct defender. The second part is layup, small play, big play and more than one play. Among them, in fact, in the high-level stadium, the first part should be the most important; In the ordinary public court, because most people are non professional basketball lovers, it is relatively easy to pass, but the difficulty lies in the final layup skill.

let's begin with the first part, Iverson's signature passing technical action, which can be called the most perfect routine fake action in the history of basketball. In the following key introduction, you can understand why he is perfect. In the beginning, we must first find out what category this action belongs to. From the basic rhythm, this is an ordinary rhythm changing to dribbling, rather than a rhythm of false breakthrough to the left and then breakthrough to the right; Secondly, this is a fake action of single amplitude polarization to the left, especially when the center of gravity is not reduced. In the introduction of vibration plus action, you can refer to the article on essentials and realm of fake action to understand the usage and section of vibration fake action. We will explain more vibration fake action skills in the future.

so, in terms of rhythm, the whole fake action is actually very fast, which can be said to be completed in an instant. The difficulty of this fake action is that if you just watch the video to find the rules and skills, you will miss a lot of keys; If you just practice in the mirror, you may not grasp some details well; If you just go to the basketball court to imagine practice, you will miss a lot of key points. Therefore, in the end, most people who really practice this technology generally need to continuously improve their action video. We all know that this action is a street ball action, which was brought by Iverson to the NBA. Therefore, this action is very common in the American street ball industry, but those excellent experts who master this technology, We have worked hard on this action. At least we can see how difficult this action is by looking at Iverson's original words below. And if Iverson has to practice for a long time, we have to work harder. Therefore, the ultimate practice method of this action is that you must cooperate with recording yourself often; Or, you can read all the points in our in-depth analysis carefully, carefully understand the meaning of each point, and then improve the action by looking at the mirror or the shadow on the wall or on the ground on the court. If you want to practice this movement without these methods, it is difficult to really master it. As we have all seen the video of hot sauce, which is very famous in the street ball industry, he repeatedly practices his movements in the mirror for this purpose.

the rhythm of this ball is very important. Although we don't write much, the real key only exists in one sentence. You should grasp the real essentials. Let's start with the key points:

first of all, there are many variants of this fake action. The one we introduced is the most difficult and has the most important points. When you master this and practice others, it will be easier and clearer.

as shown in the figure, there are more than 10 essentials for this fake action, which you need to do in an instant. This is why this action is so difficult to practice. I have searched the Internet a little before to see if there are any tutorials explaining this technology, and found several of them, which are all flawed or wrong. For example, the following figure, although you can't say wrong, after you read our tutorials, you will understand how many key points he didn't do or did wrong.

Iverson singles tutorial, in-depth analysis of pre body crossover I

this fake action is the rhythm of an ordinary fake action that changes to dribbling. At most, add an additional rhythm of polarization of the left shoulder, that is, it must be completed in an instant. If it is slow, it will be meaningless. In the past, many friends believed that AI is fast, so the power of fake action is so great. In fact, it is wrong. In the final analysis, it has nothing to do with hating your own speed. Many times, we see that others have good skills and are easy to wear high hats for each other, saying that they have good talent or good physical quality. In fact, this is often an excuse for our lack of skills. When we practice basketball, we must get rid of this mentality and practice steadfastly. Whether Jordan or Iverson, most of them beat their opponents by actually practicing their skills. It can't be said that they have nothing to do with their physical quality, but it can be said that they are very few, because their opponents' physical quality is often amazing. No matter how amazing AI's physical quality is, it can't open a significant gap with their opponents, so, The only real winner is technology, not at the same level. After reading all the in-depth analysis, you will understand the meaning of this passage.

this action, since it is an ordinary rhythm of changing to dribbling, that is to say, there is almost no special pause in the movement of the ball, that is, you can't have too long to complete this fake action. However, many friends mistakenly believe that the ball is a simple left protrusion fake action. If you really push your right leg to the left to make a breakthrough fake action and then walk to the right in the traditional way, you will find that no matter how fast you are, you can't really finish it in an instant, that is, you can't finish the rhythm of changing to the fake action consistently, Be sure to add extra time. Even if you are as explosive and fast as AI, it is impossible. Why? The reason lies in the essentials of both feet.

so let's start with the essentials of the feet. The key part of this movement is actually on the feet. If you just watch AI videos to practice and study, and don't think about your own videos to study your own, you are likely to practice wrong, even if you feel better about yourself. It seems that many friends often discuss on the Internet now. Why do they always see Kobe and other stars taking the first step when breaking through the first step? How come there are so many steps in the NBA? In fact, this is the disadvantage of talking on paper. If you only watch other people's videos and don't study your own videos, it's easy to get into a corner. In fact, it's just a visual error. As we talked about in the previous topic, if you play the ball at the same time, at this moment, you follow your legs. Therefore, you can see that you are the same only if you video yourself, The reason why it is difficult to find in the real stadium is that the normal speed is fleeting, and the video is often delayed. You can only see it clearly.

this action is like this. This fake action, many friends on the internet think it is a fake action of one leg breaking to the left, but it is not. This is a fake action with both legs working at the same time. This ball, that is, Iverson's characteristic crossover fake, actually moves both legs to both sides at the same time, not in one direction before starting to change direction. The left leg is left forward and the right leg is right rear. Before the breakthrough, both legs are in the air without real force. That is to say, after landing, after making this fake action, you can choose instantly. You can either really break to the left or directly change to the right. No matter which direction, you can start at the first time, Because before you land, your feet have no force, so you can choose either direction to start a new breakthrough directly. At this moment, AI's feet are in the air. It should be noted here that if you only study other people's videos, you may think that this is a small jump. In fact, it is not. It is actually a necessary action for both legs to move at the same time.
For comparison, we can find out the following Jordan's one leg force start change fake action for comparison, which can make your friends more intuitive. Jordan's action is slightly slow. It shakes people with trend and action skills. It is not as easy to shake people as AI, but it has less power and consumes less physical strength. It can also achieve the goal of surpassing people. Although it will not completely throw away the opponent, there is enough space for attack. It is enough to match with Jordan's air skills. This is also a major redirection technology that we will explain in the future.

let's continue. First, let's talk about why we practice left-handed dribbling. In fact, no matter what level of basketball we play, there will be differences in the proficiency of our left and right hands. For example, most of our friends who are used to using the right hand, even if you strengthen the practice of the left hand, even if you feel that the left and right hand dribbling is exactly the same as the breakthrough for a while, in the end, you will find that, The left hand is still not as comfortable and sharp as the right hand. This is the perennial subconscious and instinct. No one can be an exception. So, for this ball, we have to pretend to dribble with our left hand and pretend to break to the left. Finally, the ball will return to our most familiar right hand and break through on the right. Moreover, we have lost the direct defender before breaking through.

let's start to explain the left-hand skills in detail. Before dribbling, whether you are crotch or cross and change direction in front of ordinary body, your dribbling speed and strength should be medium or fast. Otherwise, you can't make corresponding actions with the help of this force, and you can't make the ball reach the required height. Therefore, the dribbling speed and strength need to be slightly larger. For example, we have talked about slow soft hand dribbling before. It can't be used at this time, otherwise the ball speed is too slow.

in the front dribble, we all dribble in front of or near the left foot, mainly in a stable position that will not be broken, and there is not much to pay attention to. The last dribble landing is the key. When the last dribble went to the ground, in fact, we had already thought about starting to work at this time, because the strength and direction of this dribble are different from those before. The strength of this dribble is greater, and it is not a vertical dribble, but to the left outside of the body, or even the left rear of the outside. This dribble direction is well understood to prevent breaking the ball.

friends who have seen slam dunk master comics before must know that when nobuhiko Inoue was in the last national competition, Zebei vs. Liuchuan maple, Zebei told Liuchuan that people are most likely to break the ball at the moment of making fake actions. That's right. Therefore, this action of AI is perfect for this. At the moment of the fake action, we transport the ball to the left side of our body slightly to the rear (the simple left side can be as far away as possible), and let our left arm straighten the whole arm (it's OK to bend slightly, which is far away from the body and the defender's right hand as far as possible), Let our left hand just hold the ball. At a critical point where we can't go further, we just need to use our left hand to do this on the last dribble. Therefore, this dribble is more accurate. Such a position is most conducive to the emergence of large vacation movements later. Because of this routine, we stand straight at the beginning, so you can draw up the height of your last dribble as close to your left shoulder, at least within the area with a lot more than the waist height, and the left arm should be extended and straightened as far as possible, so as to ensure that the other party can't break the ball at the moment of fake action. After the dribble on the left hand, we are about to start working. Our starting point does not start immediately when the ball lands. Friends who are used to crossing people with one leg will be this rhythm. At this time, you need to practice this new rhythm again. In this fake action, we need to wait for the ball to touch our left hand, reach the highest point and stay on our hand a little (it should be noted here that during the initial practice, we can make the palm slightly upward. We know that the rule of basketball is that as long as your palm is not completely upward, it will not be counted as turning the wrist. As shown in the figure below, at the moment of AI's power, the palm is inclined upward, which is not counted as turning the wrist. Don't tangle more on this problem.

Iverson singles tutorial, in-depth analysis of pre body crossover I

for friends with poor left hand foundation, you can turn your wrists slightly or even really let the ball stay in your hand for a short time to practice the whole set of skills. After practicing and mastering, you can easily correct the problem of turning your wrists back in the future. Of course, this is not very recommended) After the stop, the ball is at the highest point, that is, it almost reaches the height of our shoulders. The moment we start to fall, it is the time for us to start to work. The reason why we choose this time is because it is the last time to break through the force, the best time to break through, and the time that the defender is most afraid of, because at this moment, it is the most important time The starting action with redundancy and procrastination is the moment that can maximize the use of explosive force, which can be called the perfect starting moment.

After that, we need to explain the power generation skills of the left shoulder. The moment when the left hand starts to exert power is the moment when our feet need to move and step at the same time. From the beginning of the step to the appearance of a large step, because our feet move at the same time, there is no friction and the time delay of one leg's power generation, so we can finish it quickly Before landing (actually, the left foot landed last, which is related to the essentials of the right shoulder to be talked about later, but it can be found only by looking at the details in the video. Your own feeling is that you landed at the same time) Before your feet hit the ground, your left arm remained straight on the outside of the body as before the step, and the ball was still on the hand as before, that is, the left hand, left arm and basketball remained completely unchanged during the step. After that, at the moment when our left foot touched the ground, we need to quickly start the vibration fake action, The reason why we need the left foot to land is that we need the transmission of the pushing force of the left foot, which makes the final vibration fake action more realistic. At the moment of the left foot landing, we quickly take our whole left shoulder and right shoulder, left arm and basketball as a whole, starting with the left shoulder as the driving force

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