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Illustration: NBA official referee gesture

basketball is deeply loved by the masses. It is also the most popular sports game in the world. So how can we understand the referee's gestures during the game? Xiaobian will tell you several common gestures!

interference ball (the shot is disturbed during falling): touch the ball or basket when the ball uses the hoop as its base or stays on it when passing through the hoop. Contact the ball within the imaginary cylinder above the hoop. After the ball touches any part above the horizontal plane of the rim of the backboard, contact a ball that has a chance to score, whether the ball is rising or falling. Touch any ball that is falling and has a chance to score. Touch the ball at any time with a hand passing through the hoop. Shake the hoop, net or backboard to make the ball jump unnaturally, or bend or move the hoop away from its position when the ball contacts or passes through the hoop. When the ball is in the net, contact the rim, net or ball to prevent it from passing through the basket.

walking foul: it refers to that when a player eats a live ball on the basketball court, one or both feet exceed the range set by the rules and move illegally like the other party.

personal foul: a player pulls, pushes, bumps an opponent's player, or uses his hands, arms, legs, or bends his knees and stoops to an unnatural degree to hinder the opponent's progress. If these physical contacts cause the opponent to change his way forward, it constitutes a personal foul. Individual fouls also include cover fouls and offensive fouls.

hitter foul: a hitter foul mainly refers to a defender's hitter when a basketball player dribbles, layups and shots, which will be called a hitter foul by the referee. According to the FIBA 2004 basketball rules, the official name is "illegal hand use". Blowing method: after the foul whistle, the left hand becomes 90 degrees and the right hand slaps the left hand.

push foul: a hand or elbow action that can cause a player to move is called push. Blowing method: after the foul whistle, push back and forth with both hands for 2 to 3 times.

technical fouls: technical fouls refer to all player fouls excluding contact with opposing players. Members shall not ignore the advice of the referee or use improper behavior. Blowing method: cross one palm with the other into a T-shape and lift it over the head.

blocking fouls: blocking fouls: in basketball games, hitting people with the ball and blocking fouls are offensive fouls caused by wrong physical contact caused by unreasonable position, incorrect body posture, improper starting methods and illegal actions taken by ball holders and defensive ball holders in attack and defense. In order to accurately judge the hitting and blocking foul with the ball, we must first clarify the technical requirements of the rules on the attack of the ball holder and the defense of the ball holder.

attack for three seconds: it means that if the attacking team member stays in the three second area for more than three seconds without the ball or with offensive action or intention, it will be regarded as attacking for three seconds and be punished for exchanging ball rights! Blowing method: after the whistle, stretch out three fingers.

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