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How to prevent joint sprain in tennis

do you like playing tennis? Tennis, which is listed as an Olympic event, is also a popular sport loved by everyone; However, many people will have sports injuries because they do not take protective measures or do not warm up before playing!

insufficient warm-up or excessive exercise "Holiday Sports hands" easy to upper body

tennis is a sport that needs speed and muscle strength. Especially many people are holiday athletes. They often forget to do warm-up and stretching exercises. In addition, some inappropriate movements or fatigue exceeding their body's load are prone to sports injuries.

How to prevent joint sprain in tennis

arm and shoulder pain

the most common injury of tennis is extensor muscle, especially arm and shoulder pain. Ice compress should be used in the acute stage to reduce inflammation and swelling; After the acute phase, it can be relieved by hot compress and intramuscular bandage, and appropriate stretching exercise and weight training can be carried out to strengthen muscle strength, increase muscle strength and prevent next sports injury.

How to prevent joint sprain in tennis

wrist and elbow protectors + wrist muscle strength training

if you want to prevent possible sports injuries caused by playing tennis, you should first wear protective devices at your wrists and elbows to reduce tendon pressure, and do a good job of warm-up and stretching; In addition, you can also train your wrist muscle strength more often. For example, hold a dumbbell or a treasure bottle filled with water, tilt your wrist up, maintain it at the limit angle for 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

How to prevent joint sprain in tennis

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