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How to prevent injuries when playing basketball

During the summer vacation, many teenagers play basketball in groups. In addition to sports and fitness, many parents hope their children can play basketball to see if they can grow taller; However, recently, many young people have been hospitalized for sports injuries caused by playing basketball, especially ankle sprains, strains and tears of lower limbs.

Playing injury is mainly caused by twisting, pulling and tearing of lower limbs and ankles

Young people love playing basketball. Because basketball is a contact sport, it is often easy to collide with each other, so it is easy to have sports injuries; Recently, it is very common for young people to seek medical treatment for sports injuries caused by playing basketball. Most of the injured parts are the lower limbs, mainly sprains of ankle or lower leg, as well as strains and tears of lower limb muscles.

Prevention of ankle sprain, strain and tear in basketball

Lack of exercise

young people to exercise can promote health, especially when teenagers are growing up, they should exercise more; However, many teenagers usually focus on reading and schoolwork and rarely exercise. Therefore, parents will also suggest that children can use the summer vacation to play basketball more, and expect their children to grow tall by running and jumping.

Prevention of ankle sprain, strain and tear in basketball

Prevention of sports injury

However, before playing basketball, you have to be well protected to avoid sports injury. As for what protection should be done to play basketball? If you have an old injury, you'd better wear protective equipment, knee pads, ankle pads and high-heeled shoes. If you don't have an old injury, you can wear high-heeled shoes. In addition, you should warm up before playing without stretching for a long time, because according to the research, it takes only 30 seconds to warm up, so you just need to run a little to warm up the body, and then turn the joints of your feet.

Prevention of ankle sprain, strain and tear in basketball

Training muscle strength, good elasticity of joints and ligaments

In addition to using protective equipment and warming up before playing basketball; In fact, if you want to prevent sports injury, the best protection is to train your muscle strength to make the muscles strong and the joints and ligaments elastic. If the body's muscles and joints are flexible enough, the body will protect itself, which is also the best way to protect itself.

Prevention of ankle sprain, strain and tear in basketball

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