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How to do with the thicker legs

Mingming is doing his best to exercise. He runs in the morning and squats at night. He sees that his girlfriends' beautiful legs are slowly refined, and his own legs are getting thicker and thicker. Is it so unfair to be naive? If you want beautiful legs, you don't have to blame God. Maybe your exercise method is incorrect to make your legs thick. Learn these four secrets. If you don't have thick legs after exercise, you will have more and more lines!

increase lower limb circulation

many women are affected by edema, especially in the lower limbs. The most effective way to improve edema is to increase circulation. To improve the circulation of lower limbs, it is necessary to move the big joint of lower limbs, that is, hip joint. Doing this action called spider can effectively move the hip joint, increase circulation, increase flexibility, improve low back pain and kill two birds with one stone.

suggestion: alternate left and right feet for 30-60 seconds each time, and do it three times every other day.

How to do with the thicker legs

you'll lose weight by running errands

many girls use running to lose weight, while girls who start running at the beginning run slowly. From the perspective of weight loss, jogging is a good start, but jogging has a problem that it will make your legs strong, especially your weight is relatively heavy. Your legs will soon become strong, forming radish feet that are difficult to lose.

to achieve weight loss, but don't "give away" radish feet. The way is to increase your stride, that is, stride. Increasing your stride increases your use of the muscles behind your thighs, reducing the load on your calves.

suggestion: at the beginning, we should mix the two running positions of jogging and stride. When the body adjusts slowly, we can use stride to lose weight.

How to do with the thicker legs

squat low

in the gym, in order to repair the thigh line, many girls train in a foreign way and become muscle thighs. The aesthetic taste of Asian women is somewhat different from that of foreign countries. Asian women generally like thin thighs and increase the hip curve.

to achieve this effect, we should focus on training the muscles of the buttocks (large, medium and small buttocks) and the muscles of the rear thighs (hamstrings) and reduce the exercise proportion of the muscles in front of the thighs (quadriceps). For example, squat a little lower in the action of squat, and do more single leg deadlift and hip thrust, and the training effect will be quite different.

suggestion: lower limb resistance training more than twice a week, and do more hard lift and hip lift.

How to do with the thicker legs

foam axis anti edema

foam roller is a popular sport tool in recent years. It is used to relax tight muscles and myofascial membranes. Regular exercise will tighten the muscles, and the tightened muscles will look like one another. The use of foam shaft is the best solution, especially for the calf. Relaxing the tight calf muscles can make the calf lines more beautiful and look longer, help the circulation of the calf and reduce edema.

How to do with the thicker legs

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