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How to do unlimited pen rotation?

pen switching was very popular a few years ago. Although it is not so arrogant now, it doesn't mean that no one will write again. If you want to learn how to turn your pen, you can take a look at the simple method of turning your pen, which is very easy to use.

since you want to turn the pen, you must have a turn pen, so you should prepare a turn pen you like.

How to do unlimited pen rotation?

clip the rotary pen between the index finger, middle finger and thumb.

then pull it like the trigger. The middle finger rotates with the help of the wrist joint to make the rotary pen rotate around the thumb.

remove the index finger to prevent blocking the rotation of the rotary pen. Then go back to the initial pen grasping action, so that you can connect back and forth.

prepare a rotary pen.

clamp the rotary pen in the correct way.

rotate the pen with the force of the wrist.

remove the "obstacle".

Finally, practice frequently. Who can make perfect? There are many ways to turn the pen.

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