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How to choose your own treadmill?

with the gradual rise of family fitness, family fitness equipment gradually appears in people's vision and occupies a certain market share. "Treadmill", as a common household fitness equipment, is the focus of many families. Next, let's take a look at the differences between better sold treadmills at home and abroad, and how we can choose treadmills suitable for ourselves.

treadmill can be divided into two types: domestic treadmill and commercial treadmill. The commercial treadmill here refers to the treadmill which is commonly used in fitness clubs and can provide a variety of user experiences. Household use refers to a treadmill with durable, low impact and basic performance to meet the needs of users.
generally speaking, the cost of commercial treadmills is much higher than that of household treadmills. However, the common domestic treadmills, such as qimeisi, Qiaoshan, Shuhua, etc., are about 3000-5000, which can meet the needs of most people's family fitness.
if economic conditions permit and there are high requirements for household fitness equipment, you can buy a commercial treadmill for household fitness. For example, the price of American Aikang, American bicker and Spanish bichi is slightly higher than that of common household treadmills in China. Some are priced at more than 7000 and some are more than 20000.

How to choose your own treadmill?

according to the data of domestic and foreign sales websites, we have selected the following four domestic and foreign brand treadmills with good sales, Compare it from the basic configuration, size, price, etc.

How to choose your own treadmill?

according to the comparison, we can get some information
1 Friends who know a little about the treadmill should know that there will be friction between the running belt and the running platform, so they need professional lubricating oil to prolong the service life of the treadmill. Although most domestic treadmills have automatic refueling technology, foreign treadmills have avoided this work through the advantages of manufacturing technology and materials.
2. The floor area of treadmills abroad is generally larger than that of domestic treadmills. First, it is because of the size, but because of the living area of the family.
3. For the diversity of other functions, domestic treadmills are good at adding many equipment (such as sit ups and electric massage machines) to increase the diversity of treadmills. There is no treadmill abroad, which is also related to the living conditions of our country.

How to choose your own treadmill?

with these basic information, we can The living area and the requirements for the treadmill were selected.
1. For those with large living area, high economic level and high requirements for fitness equipment, foreign high-end brand treadmills can be selected. Such treadmills have high price, strong professionalism and high production technology level.
2. If the living area is small, the economic level is good, and there are high requirements for fitness equipment, you can choose the more economical treadmill under the foreign high-end brand, or the domestic treadmill with better technology and slightly higher price, with the price of about 7000-10000 yuan.
3. The living area is small and the economic level is average. You can choose the domestic ordinary treadmill, which can basically meet the needs of customers and is of good quality and low price (3000-5000 yuan).
4. With small living area and average economic level, domestic folding treadmill can be selected, which has the advantages of low price (about 2000 yuan), small floor area, and can also meet the daily family fitness needs.

How to choose your own treadmill?
How to choose your own treadmill?

At present, a problem with the treadmill on the market is that most customers doubt the accuracy of the heart rate measurement provided by the treadmill.
Xiaobian thinks that in the face of this situation, fitness friends might as well buy a heart rate meter to pay more attention to their physical condition effectively and accurately.

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