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How to avoid knee injuries in sports

you know, Bobby exercise is the most popular exercise in fitness programs. It is also known as the best exercise to burn fat and lose weight. Therefore, many people will join the team of Bobby exercise, but some people worry that doing Bobby exercise will hurt their knees. After all, it includes squats, jumps and other actions. Does Bobby really hurt his knee?

does sports hurt his knee

Scientific exercise does little harm to the knee. Since boby exercise consists of a series of actions such as squatting, push ups and jumping, the knee will bear some pressure in the process of squatting up and jumping to the ground. If you can exercise scientifically and the knee load is within the bearing range, it will not cause great damage to the knee, but if the exercise method is incorrect, it will cause great damage to the knee in the long run.

The reason of Bobby's sports injury to knee, how to avoid Bobby's sports injury to knee

cause of sports knee injury

no warm-up

Before exercise, the joint ligaments of all parts of the body are not active. Direct exercise will easily lead to knee ligament strain; Moreover, without sufficient warm-up, the knee joint will not secrete enough lubricating components, and the knee will be seriously worn during Bobby movement.

no knee protection

In the process of Bobby movement, there are constant jumping, movement and other actions. The knee joint is a part used more. If you don't pay attention to protection for a long time, you may cause injury due to excessive wear of the knee joint.

knee over toe in squat

If the knee joint exceeds the toe in Bobbi exercise, it is bound to increase the knee joint angle and increase the stress on the posterior cruciate ligament and patella. At the same time, the increase of squatting range will also increase the knee joint angle, which will make the knee bear more stress, and it is easy to be injured if it exceeds the load.

too hard

Because boby movement is a series of different movements, the next action after squatting is to do push ups. After push ups, you can squat down again, followed by jumping. If you squat too hard or jump too hard, your knee may exceed the load range it can bear, resulting in knee injury.

incorrect action

Because there are many and continuous movements of Bobby movement, there may be non-standard movements, and the non-standard and incorrect posture and movements will make the knee very vulnerable.

too much exercise

Bobby exercise itself is a high-intensity exercise. If you increase the intensity and carry out it for a long time, the knee joint is a more used part. Long term repeated friction, flexion and extension will make the knee joint seriously worn, extremely tired, and cause the strain of the knee joint.

site not suitable for

The field for Bobbi sports does not meet the requirements. The field is too hard or uneven, which will cause great impact on the knee joint during jumping, resulting in sprain or strain of the knee joint.


People who are overweight themselves may have more pressure on their knees and are more likely to be injured when they exercise Bobby.

The reason of Bobby's sports injury to knee, how to avoid Bobby's sports injury to knee

what if sports hurts his knee

In case of knee injury during Bobby's exercise, if it is serious, timely seek medical treatment, and take effective measures to relieve slight fatigue or strain. 1. Stop moving. In case of knee injury during Bobby exercise, stop the exercise immediately to avoid aggravating the injury by exerting force on the knee again. Check the injury after stopping the exercise. 2. Cold compress. Cold compress can make local blood vessels contract and reduce blood circulation, so as to reduce tissue metabolism and inhibit inflammation. When cold compress, you can wrap the ice with a towel, or apply a towel soaked in ice water on your knees. Note that the time should not be too long. 3. Hot compress. After 24 or 48 hours, hot compress the knee can help promote blood circulation and reduce pain. 4. Massage. Massage the painful parts of the knee. Generally, there will be some tenderness points around the knee joint. After finding these tenderness points, press and knead them with your thumb from light to heavy. It is appropriate to have a sense of acid swelling. 5. Do recovery exercises. If Bobby sports injures the knee, you can do some knee joint recovery exercises. The details are as follows: small half squat and small half squat have a certain health care effect on the knee joint, muscles and ligaments. They can not only lubricate the joint, but also nourish the knee joint and help repair the knee joint. Practice: keep your hands on your hips, your feet facing forward, and leave a fist gap between your feet. When squatting, your knee joint is also a fist distance. Your height is 10 cm lower. It mainly shows that your legs are bent, your hips are sinking, your waist and back are upright, and hold still. Do it for 10-30 minutes each time, most of which are unlimited. Always keep your weight on the forefoot. Kneel up and kneel on a padded wooden stool, the center of gravity wheel falls on a separate knee joint, and the other knee is raised slightly, just like kneeling and stepping, which is helpful to alleviate knee pain.

The reason of Bobby's sports injury to knee, how to avoid Bobby's sports injury to knee

how to avoid sports knee injury

warm up

Moving all joints and muscle parts of the body before exercise can reduce sports injury to a certain extent. Generally, the warm-up time is about 5-10 minutes. Twisting the knee, pressing the leg and raising the leg can be done.

put on knee pads

Wearing knee pads to wrap the knee or bind it with elastic bandages can help support the knee and avoid knee injury to a certain extent.

correct posture practice

When doing Bobbi exercise, we must pay attention to practicing according to the correct posture. For example, when squatting, the knee should not exceed the toe as much as possible. When squatting, keep the knee tight at all times, not too fast, but steady and slow, so as to avoid hurting the knee to a great extent.

select the appropriate site

Bobbi exercise should not be carried out in hard or uneven places. You can choose some flat places with good elasticity, and then put on a yoga mat.

control the amount of exercise

Too much exercise is also the cause of knee injury. Therefore, when exercising, we must grasp the amount of exercise, carry out it step by step, and adjust the exercise intensity according to our own situation.

strengthen the muscles around the knee

Usually carry out more exercises to strengthen the muscle strength around the knee, which can protect the knee from injury in Bobby sports. The specific methods are as follows: knee bending against the wall practice method: stand a foot away from the wall, open your feet the same width as your hips, and the direction of your feet is consistent with the direction of your knees. Slowly bend the knee and move the body downward (when bending the knee, the direction of the knee is consistent with the direction of the toes, do not retract or open the knee). Focus on the descending hip and front thigh muscles. Sitting thigh contraction exercise method: sit upright on a chair, lift your right leg and straighten it slowly. Squeeze your right thigh muscle and hold this position for 15 seconds. Repeat the other leg. Straight leg improvement exercise method: sit upright on a chair. Lift your right leg until it is straight, with your toes slightly outward. Keep your legs up and move your thighs up and down as much as possible, always focusing on the front thigh muscles. Then repeat the other leg on the other side.

tidy up after exercise

After Bobby exercise, finishing activities can help relax the tight muscles and relieve the pain, and also play a certain role in protecting the knee.

The reason of Bobby's sports injury to knee, how to avoid Bobby's sports injury to knee

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