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How do you view the recent performance of Guangdong team when Guangdong CBA won 11 consecutive games?

Now let's let Xiaobian explain to you how to view the recent performance of Guangdong team in the 11 consecutive victories of Guangdong CBA? I hope I can help you. In the 11th round of CBA regular season in the 18th-19th season, Guangdong played Tianjin at home. Finally, they easily defeated their opponents 118-101, winning 11 consecutive victories, while Tianjin suffered four consecutive defeats. How to view the recent performance of Guangdong team?

Meng duo's joining Guangdong men's basketball team is a good supplement to Guangdong men's basketball team. In particular, Meng duo's three points are urgently needed by Guangdong men's basketball team, but Meng duo's injury is an important factor affecting his play. If Meng duo can keep healthy, The result of Guangdong men's basketball team is expected to go further.

Meng duo's three-point ball is an effective supplement to the Guangdong men's basketball team. Zhao Rui, the backcourt player of Guangdong men's basketball team, has not been stable in shooting, and Delaney is not a stable pitcher. Therefore, Guangdong men's basketball team needs to add a stable pitcher on the outside. Meng duo has always been a stable shooter. His three-point shooting rate reached more than 40% last season. After Meng duo joined the Guangdong men's basketball team, Meng Duo is expected to get more shooting opportunities with Yi Jianlian's restriction on the inside. Therefore, Meng duo's score may be higher than that of last season.

the key to whether Meng duo can help Guangdong men's basketball team is Meng duo's physical condition and age. Meng duo only played 34 games last season, with an average playing time of only 25 minutes. After coming to Guangdong men's basketball team, whether Meng duo can bear more playing time is a test for the 28 year old Meng duo. Whether the increase of playing time will cause serious injuries is also an uncertain factor.

Guangdong men's basketball team also needs to determine the head coach and Yi Jianlian's substitutes. Guangdong men's basketball team has not determined the head coach, which is not conducive to the team's preparation for the new season. Yi Jianlian's substitute problem has not been solved, and Yi Jianlian is 31 years old and can't play more than 40 minutes per game. Therefore, if the Guangdong men's basketball team wants to compete for the championship, it needs to introduce Yi Jianlian's substitute as soon as possible. Each game can replace Yi Jianlian for at least 15 minutes, so that the Guangdong men's basketball team can have the strength to impact the championship.

How do you view the recent performance of Guangdong team when Guangdong CBA won 11 consecutive games?

the performance of Guangdong team since the start of the game has attracted the most attention and satisfaction, Guangdong team has won 10 consecutive victories since the start of the game, ranking first in the league table.

the process of Guangdong team winning 11 consecutive victories was still bumpy. When facing Xinjiang team in the eighth round, due to the injury of Yi Jianlian, the core of the team, Captain Zhou Peng was suspended, and small foreign aid could not play. The two sides played fiercely against Xinjiang again. Finally, Guangdong team defeated their opponent in overtime and narrowly won by 2 points. The strength of the opponents in the later game was ok, and Guangdong team also won the game smoothly.

Yi Jianlian, the core of the team, was accidentally injured in the game against Jiangsu team. This incident also worried the team and fans. However, after the game, after inspection, Yi Jianlian also sent messages on his social account, which relieved everyone. However, the hard injury was not too serious, but Yi Jianlian's comeback time has always been concerned by the fans, Now the Guangdong team has good news.

Yi Jianlian quickly won the title of Mr. 10000 this season, and the injury in the game against Jiangsu is a small episode. However, I believe Yi Jianlian is very relieved after watching the team's game. The current staffing and playing method of the team no longer rely on him alone to drive the whole team in previous seasons. Now he can better participate in the attack, Give play to his ability and his teammates are making progress to help him reduce his burden.

the performance of Guangdong team on the court this season is really amazing. The team has accelerated the pace of attack, making it difficult for the opponent to defend. The team can still score points through rapid counterattack. Guangdong team has really changed. Their goal of 9 Championships this season is really achievable, but now all teams are looking for their own state, We expect Guangdong team to bring us more wonderful games in the later stage.

How do you view the recent performance of Guangdong team when Guangdong CBA won 11 consecutive games?

people have won 11 consecutive games. Do you still need to ask how they are doing recently. Yi Jianlian's injury does not have a great impact on Guangdong. In this game, Guangdong also easily defeated Tianjin. At present, only Guangdong is the hottest team in CBA.

facts have proved that Du Feng's trust in the young players has also been richly rewarded. The team can still win four consecutive victories in the absence of core Yi Jianlian, and the young players have made great contributions. The Guangdong team played the strong team Xinjiang at home, and Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng and foreign aid Wilms were absent. However, the young player Zhao Rui and "first-year rookie" Du runwang set personal scoring records respectively, and finally successfully reversed their opponents. This season, Zhao Rui soared to the sky. At present, the hit rate of three-point ball has increased to 54%; Du runwang jumped up rapidly, and his three-point shooting rate reached 58%, ranking first in the league. The two brought more offensive options to the team and made the opponent more defenseless.

facts have proved that the Guangdong team is like the warriors, attacking the ground and defending the city with concerted efforts. Even if the core Yi Jianlian is exempted from battle due to injury, they still show amazing combat effectiveness. This wave of ten consecutive victories in Guangdong is full of brilliance, which also fully proves that the team has shown the characteristics of being good at fighting hard battles, which is also the terrible thing of the South China tiger.

How do you view the recent performance of Guangdong team when Guangdong CBA won 11 consecutive games?

this season, the Guangdong team blew a "quick whirlwind" in the CBA, making people vaguely see the shadow of the NBA warriors. In terms of lineup, Guangdong team used two small foreign aid instead of one big and one small used by other teams, which enables the team to continuously speed up the attack rhythm and improve the attack efficiency, which brings about super firepower, which has also become the key for them to win in succession. In 6 of the 10 games this season, Guangdong team scored more than 120 points. The fierce offensive firepower is comparable to that of the warriors. Even in terms of three-point shooting rate, Guangdong team is as high as 43%, which is even higher than that of the warriors, who are famous for three-point shooting - the Warriors' three-point shooting rate this season is 42.3%.

How do you view the recent performance of Guangdong team when Guangdong CBA won 11 consecutive games?

just 11 games, the essence of the small ball is not understood, the weak teams have many problems, and blind optimism is not advisable!

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