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Why does long muscle affect the height of teenagers? How can long muscle exercise help grow tall

in order to grow muscles, many people go back to fitness and exercise to make their body strong and have a sexy figure, but at the same time, some people worry that if they grow muscles, their height will not grow? In particular, children in the growing period do not know whether they should practice muscles. Let's take a look. Will long muscles affect your height?

will long muscles affect your height

for adults whose epiphyseal line has been closed, long muscles have no effect on height, but for teenagers in the growth period, because all parts are not mature, high-intensity exercise will damage the cartilage between joints, hinder the normal growth of bone, and then affect their height.

but it should be noted that if you keep up with diet and nutrition and grasp the exercise items and intensity well during muscle exercise, it can actually promote height and help grow height.

Why does long muscle affect the height of teenagers? How can long muscle exercise help grow tall

Why do long muscles affect the height of teenagers

if you want to grow muscle, you can't do without high-intensity training, but high-intensity training has a certain impact on growing height. Premature and excessive weight-bearing muscle training will reduce human growth hormone and other endocrine hormones, which is harmful to the development of bones and joints, especially the development of epiphysis at joints, so as to inhibit growth;

Moreover, excessive load will increase the resistance of cardiac ejection, so it is easy to make the ventricular wall thicken prematurely, limit the development of ventricular cavity, affect the normal development of lower limbs, cause leg deformation and foot arch decline (form flat feet), and accelerate the early completion of lower limb ossification, which will eventually hinder the growth of height.

but in the process of growing muscles and repairing and growing muscles themselves, when the human body absorbs nutrients, it will also release auxin, so as to promote the growth of human muscles. Since muscle training can promote the human body to release more auxin, these auxin are not only conducive to the growth of muscle, but also may be conducive to the growth of human height. It depends on whether the exercise method is correct.

Why does long muscle affect the height of teenagers? How can long muscle exercise help grow tall

can you grow taller after growing muscles

the factors that determine height mainly include heredity, nutrition, hormone secretion, physical condition, etc. Although muscle growth has an impact on Teenagers' height, whether the impact is good or bad depends on individual exercise methods. For example, if you try hard to challenge your limits and train beyond the unbearable load of your body, you may not grow tall, but if you train properly, In addition, if the epiphyseal line is not closed, nutrition and sleep can keep up, it will continue to grow tall.

Why does long muscle affect the height of teenagers? How can long muscle exercise help grow tall

how can long muscle exercise help grow tall

pay attention to exercise intensity

if you want to grow muscles during growth and development, you should pay attention to the intensity of exercise, do not exercise too much, the time of each exercise should not be too long, and the number of exercise groups should not be too many.

select the appropriate fitness program

although it's best to carry out high-intensity weight-bearing training for long muscles, if you don't want to affect your height, it's recommended to choose some light load and medium load sports, such as running, jumping, unarmed squatting, push ups and other simple muscle exercises. Don't carry out weight-bearing training such as weight lifting and hard pulling.

ensure dietary nutrition

don't want to grow muscle to affect your height. The most important thing is to ensure adequate dietary nutrition and supplement high protein foods, such as milk, eggs, fish, lean meat and enough vegetables and fruits. Eat less sugar and salt, and pay attention not to eat too late or too full for dinner. In addition, the formation of bone also requires sufficient calcium, phosphorus and trace manganese and iron, mainly dairy products, eggs, fish, shellfish, tofu and beans, sesame paste, pumpkin seeds, etc.

ensure adequate sleep

to ensure adequate sleep can more fully stimulate the secretion of growth hormone and bone growth, and sufficient sleep can have sufficient energy to exercise. That kind of exercise effect is the best. The sleep time of teenagers and children should not be less than 8 hours.

do some exercises conducive to height

the sports that help to grow height include playing basketball, long jump, high jump, rope skipping, frog jump, pull-up, etc., so teenagers who can grow and develop can carry out these exercises, which can not only help grow tall, but also have a certain effect of growing muscles.

Why does long muscle affect the height of teenagers? How can long muscle exercise help grow tall

exercise precautions for teenagers

it is not suitable to carry out weight training before the age of 15 and 16. In this age group, we can promote muscle development and growth by doing more sports (such as jumping, whole-body and stretching). 15. After the age of 16, you can strengthen muscle tissue and strength through moderate weight-bearing training. Generally speaking, it's OK to bear no more than half of your weight.

of course, teenagers also need appropriate muscle exercise to promote development. Only when you are too young (such as children), you should pay attention to the amount and intensity of exercise. At this age, you should not focus on the exercise development of muscle and strength, but mainly focus on the exercise of flexibility, coordination, balance and technology.

Why does long muscle affect the height of teenagers? How can long muscle exercise help grow tall

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