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What will happen to your body if you run for an hour every day for a year?

let's talk about what happens to your body when you run for an hour every day for a year? Interested friends come and have a look! Running has become a way of exercise for more and more people. Running for one hour every day, only one hour, seems not much, but it has a great change for our body. If we persist for a year, what will happen to our body?

1. If you can run for an hour every day and keep running for a year, your physical fitness will exceed 90% of the people around you. You don't have to worry about climbing stairs when the elevator is powered off, and you don't have to work hard to move things. Running can also keep you away from three highs. You will never have a chance to get "wealth disease" after running.

What will happen to your body if you run for an hour every day for a year?

1. Eyes: people who insist on long-distance running have about an hour to look straight into the distance every day. This pair of eyes is a good relaxation and rest. If you have school-age children at home, you can let them insist on running every day, and the probability of myopia will certainly be reduced.

2. Neck / shoulder / spine: people who often sit in front of the computer will have some cervical and shoulder problems more or less. The correct running posture requires the back to be straight and relaxed. Long term persistence will greatly improve the discomfort of cervical spine and shoulder.

What will happen to your body if you run for an hour every day for a year?

3. Heart: keeping running will give you a powerful heart and cardiovascular system. While increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, the oxygen delivered to various organs of the body is greatly increased, and the working quality of various organs is naturally greatly improved. In addition, middle and long distance running will accelerate blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the myocardium, so as to prevent all kinds of heart diseases. Through the movement of lower limbs, it can promote the venous blood flow back to the heart and prevent venous thrombosis.

4. Blood: with a strong cardiovascular system, the blood quality of runners is better than that of ordinary people. The adaptive changes of the body to long-term middle and long-distance running can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipid and cholesterol levels.

5. Lungs and respiratory system: long-term middle and long-distance running exercise can strengthen lung function and increase vital capacity - regular long-distance running can develop lung respiratory muscles, increase the amount of ventilation each time and enhance lung function. I personally have a seasonal rhinitis attack every autumn, which is very painful, but there is no recurrence after running this year. I don't know if it's related?

6. Liver: during my physical examination, the physical examination doctor called the intern to me and said: look, this is a healthy liver with clear blood vessels and veins on the surface. Now this is very rare. Running eliminates fatty liver, which has been verified by many runners and is very effective.

7. Abdomen: a flat or obvious abdominal groove is the dream of many people. The suggestions of many fitness coaches and the practice of abdominal muscle rippers crazy on the Internet can help you train your abdominal muscles stronger, but you also need to run such aerobic exercise to remove the thick fat packaging outside your abdominal muscles. Of course, insist, because the abdominal fat is the most cunning. If you relax a little, it will fight back.

8. Knee: some people say that running Bailey only hurts one knee, which makes sense. Most people who insist on running have been plagued by knee injuries more or less. However, I learned from the communication with many runners who have been running for more than ten years that they will encounter the same problems when they first start running. Some people will have knee pain even if they walk fast, but with the accumulation of jogging volume and strength practice step by step, their knees become stronger and stronger.

9. Muscle: in addition to looking strong and elastic, the muscle tissue of people who often run will also change. The distribution of capillaries in a certain volume of muscle will greatly increase, which is more efficient and comfortable with oxygen and nutrients. I don't know that runners are more resistant to cold. Does it have something to do with this?

10. Intestines and stomach: middle and long distance running makes people feel full and optimistic, helps to increase appetite, strengthen digestive function and promote nutrient absorption. Of course, what makes people envy is that they are not fat even if they eat. Ha ha.

11. Muscle: long-term middle and long-distance running can enhance lung respiratory muscle, heart muscle, neck muscle, chest muscle, arm muscle, waist, hip, thigh, calf, foot and other muscles, so that it is not easy for muscles everywhere to accumulate metabolites such as lactic acid or carbon dioxide. Running is the foundation of all sports and will have a positive impact on your participation in other sports.

12. Bone: long-term middle and long-distance running can improve the strength of joints and the softness of ligaments; And increase the strength and density of bones to avoid people suffering from degenerative osteoporosis in old age. Look at the old people in each marathon race to know how strong the bones of long-distance runners are.

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