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What is the reason for the decrease in basal metabolic rate

Basal metabolic rate refers to the energy metabolic rate of the human body in a sober and extremely quiet state, which is not affected by muscle activity, ambient temperature, food and mental tension. However, not everyone's basal metabolic rate can be within the normal range in life, and some people will have a low basal metabolic rate. What is the reason for the decline of basal metabolic rate?

Reasons for the decline of basal metabolic rate

Over dieting

Many people think that eating less and losing weight faster may be the case in the first 1-2 weeks of dieting, but with the rapid loss of body weight and insufficient calories, the human body will automatically start the "defense mechanism" to reduce the basic metabolic rate in response to the heat loss caused by dieting, and in the following days, Convert every bite of food you eat into calories and store them.

Therefore, the longer the diet, the more severe the basic metabolic rate will drop, and a large amount of water and muscle will be lost. Finally, even if you only eat a little every day, you won't lose weight.

Insufficient sleep

During sleep, the secretion of growth hormone will rise, even in adults, and growth hormone is one of the keys to maintaining the basic metabolic rate. The main secretion time of growth hormone is from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. after this time, the secretion of growth hormone falling asleep will decrease, indirectly affecting the basic metabolic rate, resulting in the reduction of the basic metabolic rate.

Insufficient protein intake

Protein is a high-quality energy source. Compared with simple carbohydrates, protein will not stimulate blood glucose index and can give people a sense of satiety for a long time. Moreover, the development of the human body and the repair and renewal of damaged cells are inseparable from protein, which helps the body metabolize better. If the protein intake is insufficient, it will naturally affect the basic metabolism and reduce the basic metabolic rate.

Insufficient muscle mass

The more muscle content, the higher the basic metabolism, because a kilogram of muscle consumes much more calories than a kilogram of fat, and the volume is much smaller than fat. If the amount of muscle is insufficient, coupled with unwillingness to exercise, it will also lead to the decline of basic metabolic rate.

Low temperature environment

Compared with high temperature, low temperature environment can slow down the basic metabolic rate of human body, and the operation of life functions such as respiration, pulse and blood pressure is relatively gentle, so the "life energy" consumed will be reduced.

Reasons for age increase

The basal metabolic rate of women is slightly lower than that of men. In infancy, the basal metabolic rate is the highest because of the vigorous growth of body tissues, and then gradually decreases with age.

Endocrine hormone level disorder

Endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism, adrenal and gonadal disorders, and pancreatic dysfunction, can also cause abnormal basic metabolism and decline. If you suspect that you have this situation, you can go to the hospital for examination if necessary, and cure or alleviate or control it under the guidance of a doctor.

The reason for the decline of basic metabolic rate and how to improve it

Performance of decreased basal metabolic rate

If the basic metabolism decreases, the most obvious performance is to eat less, but the body is easy to get fat, and it is easy to be tired and weak. If you want to lose weight, you can't see any effect. It can also be seen from the basic body temperature. Just wake up in the morning and measure your body temperature. If it is below 36.5 ℃, it means you are a little low.

The reason for the decline of basic metabolic rate and how to improve it

How to improve when the basal metabolic rate decreases

1. Breakfast cannot be ignored. Breakfast is the most closely related to metabolism and weight loss. When people sleep, the metabolic rate will be very low, and can only recover and rise when they eat again.

2. Don't reduce the heat sharply. The human body has a program to automatically maintain normal weight. If you suddenly lose 1000 calories from your diet, your basic metabolic rate (the number of calories required by your body to maintain basic physiological functions, such as breathing and heartbeat) will automatically slow down, and your body will think you are hungry now. Therefore, it is not suitable to reduce heat at any time.

3. Eat enough protein. Adequate intake of protein can improve the metabolic level of the body and make the human body burn 150 ~ 200 calories a day. Protein is mainly composed of amino acids. It takes more time and effort for the body to digest this kind of food than fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, to break them down, you need to burn more heat.

4. Increase the times of eating. Eating 4-5 small meals a day can maintain a higher metabolic level than 3 big meals. Try to keep the time between meals within 2 ~ 3 hours, and ensure that each meal must have protein food, which can enhance metabolism.

5. Eat more good carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates, such as white flour, can make insulin levels unstable, and correspondingly promote the storage of fat in the body, which will reduce the metabolic rate. Therefore, it is better to supplement carbohydrates with high fiber, such as all kinds of vegetables, fruits and whole grain grains. They all belong to "good" carbohydrates. These foods have little effect on insulin level.

6. Strengthen muscle training. Strength training is the best way to improve the body's basic metabolic rate. With the growth of age, the basic metabolic rate of the body will decline, but strength training can regenerate the muscle. Like, a pound of muscle burns nine times as much calories as a pound of fat. Regular muscle strength training can increase the basic metabolic rate by 6.8% ~ 7.8% anytime and anywhere. In other words, if you weigh 120 pounds, you will burn about 100 kcal more every day, even when you are watching TV.

The reason for the decline of basic metabolic rate and how to improve it

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