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What is the best time to exercise every day

let's follow Xiaobian today to see which time period of exercise is the best every day. In fact, the best time for fitness has always been a controversial topic, because people exercise at all times of the day. What time period is the most appropriate?

morning exercise

Before the city has been awakened, some people like to start a beautiful day with exercise. Early morning exercise is conducive to improving nerve excitement and metabolic efficiency. It is very helpful to maintain abundant mental and physical strength, so that you can devote yourself to the work of the day. Compared with exercise after breakfast, exercise before meals can burn 20% more calories. This is because after one night's consumption, the body lacks glycogen supplement when exercising on an empty stomach, which will mobilize more fat decomposition to supply energy to the body. Long term adherence is conducive to weight control and body shape. However, getting up for exercise in the morning and having a rest all night is a little stiff. We must pay attention to the warm-up before exercise to avoid injury; Before exercise, drink an appropriate amount of warm water to avoid dehydration during exercise. In order to ensure a day's work and life, the exercise intensity in the morning should not be too high. For safety reasons, it is not recommended that exercisers with hypoglycemic symptoms choose morning exercise.  

What is the best time to exercise every day

afternoon exercise

Some people will choose to exercise after lunch break. At this time, the physiological state is at the best. Our body sensitivity is relatively high. At this time, resistance training will achieve better results. If you are troubled by insomnia and poor sleep quality, try exercising in the afternoon. A report in the Journal of physiology pointed out that for people with biological clock disorder and poor sleep quality, exercise can help adjust biological clock and improve sleep. And in terms of exercise time, the effect of exercise in the afternoon is more obvious than that in the morning.   But for most healthy people, sleep quality is not much related to the time period of exercise. After exercise, our limbs and brain need to recover through sleep. Physical fatigue caused by exercise can help us enter a state of rest faster. For most student parties and office workers, 3 p.m. is the time for work and study. It is unrealistic to keep fit for a long time, and it needs to be adjusted according to their own situation.

What is the best time to exercise every day

evening exercise

I can't get up in the morning and have no time during the day. Exercise at night has become the first choice for office workers. After a busy day's work, I rely on exercise to communicate with my body and make myself really happy. This is a good choice. You can go to the gym sweating like rain, you can go to the dance room to release your vitality, you can also wear dazzling equipment for night running. The night in the city is fashionable and wonderful... Night sports will increase your body temperature and speed up your heart rate, which will help you improve your sleep quality. Exercise can relieve your stress, relax your body and mind after a tired day, consume the excess calories absorbed by your body in a day, maintain a high metabolic level, and enable you to have high energy consumption while sleeping. However, we must pay attention to the time interval between dinner and exercise in the evening. High intensity exercise can be carried out 2 hours after dinner; Moderate exercise should be arranged for 1 hour after meals; Mild exercise is the most reasonable half an hour after dinner. In addition, pay attention to the choice of exercise mode, avoid too intense exercise, and end the exercise 2 hours before going to bed, so as to avoid excessive sympathetic excitement affecting sleep. Friends who choose to run at night must choose professional equipment and pay attention to safety.

What is the best time to exercise every day

when is the best time for fitness

In general, the time of exercise should be selected according to your actual situation. If you feel energetic, have a good appetite and sleep quality after a period of fitness, and the pulse beats per minute in a quiet state are almost or slower than before, it shows that your current amount of exercise and exercise time are very appropriate. On the contrary, if you often feel sleepy and sleep poorly after a period of fitness, and get up early to measure the pulse beat more than 6 times per minute than before, it indicates that you exercise too much or choose the wrong exercise time. In actual training, the time of daily exercise should be determined according to personal work and life.

What is the best time to exercise every day

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