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What is the average height of Chinese people?

today let Xiao Bian analyze the average height of Chinese people for you? Here is a brief introduction to you! Some people say that the average height of a country's nationals has a great relationship with a country's economic development, and it is also the embodiment of a country's national economic income ability. So what is the average height of people in our country?

1 Shandong 175.44 cm 2 Beijing 175.32 cm 3 Heilongjiang 175.24 cm 4 Liaoning 174.88 cm 5 Inner Mongolia 174.58 cm 6 Hebei 174.49 cm 7 Ningxia 173.98 cm 8 Shanghai 173.78 cm 9 Jilin 172.83 cm 10 Tianjin 172.80 cm 11 Taiwan 172.75 cm 12 Shanxi 172.73 cm 13 Xinjiang 172.72 cm 14 Shaanxi 172.72 cm 15 Macao 17.79 cm 16 Gansu 17 Jiangsu 17.54 cm 18 Henan 17.49 cm 19 Qinghai 17.95 cm 20 Anhui 17.93 cm 21 Zhejiang 17.90 cm 22 Fujian 17.90 cm 23 Hong Kong 17.89 cm 24 Sichuan 17.86 cm 25 Guangdong 26 Chongqing 16.71 cm 27 Tibet 16.68 cm 28 Jiangxi 16.63 cm 29 Hainan 169.60 cm 30 Hubei 169.54 cm 31 Guizhou 169.35 cm 32 Yunnan 169.24 cm 33 Hunan 168.99 cm 34 Guangxi 168.96 cm

when I was in high school, I counted the height of my classmates. In senior three, the average height of boys is 174CM and that of girls is 160cm. So I estimate that the average height of the Chinese new generation is about 175cm for boys and 160cm for girls. However, I am from the south, and may be taller in the north. According to a friend of mine in Shandong, the average height of girls there is 165cm, and the average height of boys is nearly 180cm

now the height of boys and girls is much higher than these figures on the Internet. Coincidentally, a friend of mine is from the physical examination center under the Education Bureau. They have the physical examination of senior three students every year. He said that in recent years, senior three physical examination, shoes off and naked height, the average senior three boys are 176-177 and girls are 165-166, which is the most accurate computer statistics. The coordinates of the Yangtze River Delta are not the north, not Shandong.

the height of children is terrible now. I'm from Liaoning. The average height difference between the post-80s and post-00s is at least 10cm. Now 170 in junior middle school is short, 180 is normal, and 190 is tall... It's too scary. I was normal in 175, and I'm short compared with today's children...

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