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What are the reasons for arm fatigue of flat support and what are the benefits of doing flat support

let's follow Xiaobian today to see why the arm of flat support is tired and what are the benefits of doing flat support. I did flat support on a whim last night for a few minutes. As a result, the arm is not tired. It's OK in other places. Why is the arm tired when doing flat support?

Why is the arm tired with flat support

inappropriate site selection

Although the flat support has little requirements for the site, if it is directly done on the ground, even on the uneven and sandy ground, the elbow will be tired or even abraded after doing it for a while.

action not standard

The reason why many people get tired when doing flat support is that the action is not standard. There are wrong actions such as hip upturning, waist sinking and head tilting back. The whole body weight is concentrated on the arm, which leads to fatigue and even pain of the arm soon.

weak waist and abdomen

The waist and abdomen are the main force generating parts of the flat plate support. Some people have weak muscles, and the muscles are not developed enough to support the body. In the process of action, they will unconsciously exert too much pressure on the arms and other parts, resulting in fatigue and injury.

exercise too long

Although the arm is not the main load-bearing part of the standard flat support, it also has a certain load. The time of doing flat support is too long. If it is done for one or two hours at a time, it will exceed the range of its load, which will also lead to arm muscle fatigue, strain, etc.

arm muscles are stiff

People who don't exercise often or who don't warm up before doing flat support have stiff arms and can't carry out load-bearing. If they force it, they will naturally be tired, painful and uncomfortable.

weak arm strength or old injury

If your arm strength is weak or your arm has an old injury, you will not be able to load when doing the flat plate support action that needs the arm to bear the force, and you will be prone to fatigue, pain and even old injury.

What are the reasons for arm fatigue of flat support and what are the benefits of doing flat support

is the flat support arm tired normally

It is usually a normal phenomenon. During the action of flat support, the arm will also bear the weight of the body, and the waist and abdomen are tight, so the whole body will inevitably be in tension, and the arm is the same, so fatigue is easy to occur, which is normal in most cases.

What are the reasons for arm fatigue of flat support and what are the benefits of doing flat support

what should I do if my arm is tired

relax your arm

Relax all parts of the body, such as arms, legs and abdomen, which can effectively relieve pain and fatigue. You can swing your arms and turn your wrist joints.


Massage can help muscles relax, promote acid excretion and muscle blood circulation, help sore muscles recover and relieve fatigue.

hot pack

Hot compress or soaking in a warm bath can relax blood vessels, strengthen permeability, promote blood circulation, discharge lactic acid and other metabolites produced during exercise as soon as possible, accelerate the elimination of fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness.

What are the reasons for arm fatigue of flat support and what are the benefits of doing flat support

how to avoid arm fatigue when doing flat support


on the yoga mat
When doing flat support, it's best to choose a moderate soft and hard yoga mat, which can reduce the pressure on your arms. Don't do it directly on the ground.

warm up

Before the flat support exercise, you must do a good warm-up exercise. You can jog for a few minutes, then stretch your legs and arms, and open all joints of the body. The warm-up time is 10-15 minutes.

action should be standard

The most important thing to do flat support is to have standard movements. Don't collapse your waist and make your waist and back in a straight line. This can not only reduce the pressure on your arms, but also have better exercise effect. Specific action Essentials: lie on your stomach, bend your elbows (straight arms) and support on the ground. Your shoulders and elbow joints are perpendicular to the ground. Step on the ground with your feet. Keep your body off the ground. Straighten your trunk, keep your head, shoulders, crotch and ankle in the same plane, tighten your abdominal muscles, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, extend your spine, look at the ground and keep breathing evenly.

time should not be too long

Don't blindly pursue a long time to do flat support, especially for beginners. It's best to increase gradually from more than ten seconds. After proficiency, you can do it in groups. Do three or five groups every day, and one group for 20-30 seconds.

What are the reasons for arm fatigue of flat support and what are the benefits of doing flat support

what are the benefits of doing flat support

strengthen core muscles

Plate support mainly exercises core muscle groups, including transverse abdominal muscle, oblique abdominal muscle, rectus abdominis muscle and hip muscle. By doing flat support, you can strengthen these muscles. When these muscles are strengthened, you will find the improvement of exercise ability.

reduce the risk of back and spinal injuries

Doing plate support can strengthen and strengthen your muscles and ensure that there is not too much pressure on your spine and back. According to the American Sports Association, flat support can not only reduce back pain, but also give you strong support for your back, especially in the upper back area.

increase basal metabolic rate

Compared with other waist and abdomen exercises, plate support exercises can consume more calories. For example, supine curling, supine rising, etc. If you can exercise regularly, they will burn calories even when you sit by the computer or sleep.

improve your posture

Flat support exercises will improve your core muscles, which can greatly improve your ability to stand and stabilize your posture. Therefore, when you do a period of flat support practice, you can always maintain the correct sitting position. Because the core muscle group has a far-reaching impact on the overall condition of the neck, shoulder, chest and back.

becomes more flexible

Flat support mainly exercises the core muscles, but when you do this regularly, you will become more flexible. Because it will extend this advantage to other parts of the body, such as legs, hips, shoulders, back, etc. we should know that our body is a whole.

adjust mental state

When you take tablet support practice as a part of your life, then tell you a good news, it can calm you down and relieve your anxiety and depression, because often doing tablet support has a specific effect on nerves. Especially when you sit next to the computer all day, your leg muscles are tight, and your shoulders can't be relaxed, these will be transmitted to your nerves, making you feel irritable, anxious, depressed, etc.

What are the reasons for arm fatigue of flat support and what are the benefits of doing flat support

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