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The right way to walk

walking is a sport that many people choose. Although walking is beneficial to health, don't ignore the possible sports injury caused by walking; Especially when walking in a hot day, don't forget to add water. Before walking, you should also do stretching exercises and warm up. Even the posture of walking should be correct, and you should wear sports shoes, or knee and ankle pads to prevent sports injuries.

arm height

generally, sports injuries caused by walking are also related to skeletal muscles; For example, when walking, the arm should have a certain height. Don't exceed the shoulder forward and back to the waist. Otherwise, the shoulder joint will be too stressed, which is easy to hurt the shoulder joint.

The right way to walk

a little panting + speed to talk to others

walking speed should be 4.8-6.3 kilometers per hour, equivalent to 90-120 steps per minute. Walking can not only promote cardiopulmonary function, but also increase bone density, improve muscle strength and balance, so as to prevent falls. Lin Lifeng, technical director, pointed out that walking is not walking. Walking must have a little speed, a little asthma and the speed of talking to others, so as to achieve the purpose of walking.

The right way to walk

do not bend over + walk fast + heel first

attention should also be paid to the healthy walking posture. You can't bend down and hunchback, otherwise your waist will be sour; In addition, healthy walking should speed up the speed, and often the knee will be sore, so the knee should remain elastic, not take big steps, but walk quickly; In addition, healthy walking requires the heel to land first, followed by the sole of the foot, which is the normal gait, because the toe to land first will be unfavorable to the knee.

The right way to walk

sneakers + water

stretch and warm up before walking, and wear sports shoes instead of flat shoes. You can also wear knee and ankle protection to protect your lower limbs; There are also elderly people who often have three highs and cardiovascular diseases. They should walk as fast as they can. As long as they are a little panting, they can still talk to people. And heatstroke should be prevented in hot days. You should replenish water before, during and after walking. Don't wait until you are thirsty.

The right way to walk

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