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Quadriceps femoris strain is the fastest recovery method. How to prevent quadriceps femoris strain

today, let Xiaobian analyze for you the fastest recovery method of quadriceps femoris strain and how to prevent quadriceps femoris strain. The quadriceps femoris of the thigh is one of the largest and strongest muscles in the human body. Its main function is to straighten the knee joint and bend the hip joint. It is responsible for controlling the movements of the thighs and legs, walking Running and other movements are inseparable from the quadriceps femoris, but what if the quadriceps femoris is strained due to wrong movements or excessive exercise?

manifestation of quadriceps femoris strain

After the quadriceps femoris is pulled, there is severe pain at the pulled part. The cord like hard mass formed by muscle tension can be touched by hand. The touch pain is obvious, local swelling or subcutaneous bleeding, and the activity is obviously limited. If the muscle fiber is torn or broken seriously, the crack can be touched at the torn part.

Quadriceps femoris strain is the fastest recovery method. How to prevent quadriceps femoris strain

what about quadriceps femoris strain

step 1: stop exercising

In case of quadriceps femoris strain, stop exercising immediately and avoid using quadriceps femoris force to avoid aggravating the strain injury.

step 2: judge the injury

After quadriceps femoris strain, check and judge the injury condition to confirm the severity. If the pain is not very strong but only mild strain, you can deal with it in the following ways. However, if you can't stand after strain injury, local swelling and deformation of the thigh, and cracks are felt at the torn part, there may be serious ligament injury, tendon rupture or even avulsion fracture of the anterior inferior iliac spine. In this case, you should see a doctor for examination and treatment in time.

step 3: cold compress

If quadriceps femoris is slightly strained, wash the part with cold water in time or wrap ice with towel and place it at the painful part of quadriceps femoris for cold compress, which can not only help reduce the severe pain after strain, but also cold stimulation will reduce local blood circulation and avoid expanding the scope of injury.

step 4: pressure bandage

Compression bandage should be performed after quadriceps femoris strain, which is more helpful to reduce local swelling. Pay attention to the elastic bandage and evenly bandage the injured part. After bandaging, always check the local blood circulation. If there is tingling, numbness or blue skin, it indicates that the bandage is too tight. When it is properly relaxed, bandage again.

step 5: raise the wound

Due to gravity, after quadriceps femoris injury, the wrapped leg should be raised above the heart to reduce the blood flow of the affected limb, so as to reduce the local swelling and congestion.

step 6: hot compress

If the quadriceps femoris has been injured for a period of time, more than 3 days or even 1 week, in the case of chronic muscle injury, the general muscle will weaken, the normal blood flow is too tense and lack, and the muscle is prone to hypoxia, lack of glucose, etc. Hot compress can improve blood flow and promote the healing of long-term tense muscle tissue. Practice: heat the towel in the microwave oven and apply it to the muscle strain for 10 minutes, many times a day. Note: hot compress is generally used 3 days after muscle strain.  

step 7: Massage

24 hours after quadriceps femoris strain, massage can be performed on the strained part, which can help reduce muscle spasm, relax muscles, fight inflammation and relieve discomfort. Methods: massage should be mainly pushed and kneaded, or use a rolling ball to relax and stretch the quadriceps femoris.

step 8: paste

Plaster for treating muscle strain, promoting blood circulation and detumescence can be pasted after quadriceps femoris strain. However, it should be noted that plaster should not be pasted at the beginning of muscle strain, so as to avoid more serious swelling and pain after muscle strain. It is best to paste it after 24 or 48 hours.

step 9: stretch

If you want to recover quickly after quadriceps femoris strain, you can do some shallow stretching. An appropriate amount of stretching can maintain muscle flexibility and prevent spasm. Start two to three times a day and 15 – 20 seconds of stretching and deep breathing. Methods: hold the fixture with one hand to keep body balance, hold the instep on the same side with the other hand, and slowly stretch it to the hip for 15 seconds, and then change to the other side. Note: even the most gentle stretching is best performed 2-3 days after the injury. The stretching action is required to be small and slow, and the time is short. It must not be carried out excessively to avoid greater muscle discomfort.

step 10: rest

In the life after quadriceps femoris injury, you should rest as much as possible to avoid heavy activities. You can't train again until it recovers to about 80%. You can stretch appropriately and train a small number of times with small weight after warm-up.

step 11: diet

In the recovery stage of quadriceps strain, you can eat more foods rich in high protein, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, which can help the recovery of muscles.

Quadriceps femoris strain is the fastest recovery method. How to prevent quadriceps femoris strain

how long can quadriceps femoris strain recover

It depends on the degree of strain.


Only a small part of muscle fibers are broken. It will cause pain when you apply force or press. It looks good. At this time, the treatment is also ice compress and elastic bandage, and gently move the muscle so that it does not harden. Hot compress and recovery exercise can be started in about 2 ~ 3 days.


Some muscle fibers are broken, subcutaneous bleeding is obvious, and the surface of the affected part is swollen. At this time, the treatment is ice compress and elastic bandage for 24 ~ 48 hours, and gently move the affected part, which can return to the original amount of exercise in about 3 ~ 4 weeks.


All muscle fibers are broken, and a lot of bleeding occurs at the strained part. From the appearance, it can be seen that the broken part is concave, while both sides are convex. In case of such injury, ice compress and elastic tension shall be applied first, and then sent to the hospital for surgical treatment. The recovery period after muscle fracture operation will take about 4 ~ 6 weeks.

Quadriceps femoris strain is the fastest recovery method. How to prevent quadriceps femoris strain

how to prevent quadriceps femoris strain

choose your workout

Even if you want to practice leg muscles, you should also consider your age, gender, physical fitness, physical physiology, psychological state, sports technology level and external environment. Do not rashly choose exercise that you are not familiar with or exercise with high difficulty coefficient.

warm up before exercise

Before exercising leg muscles, carry out some activities such as dynamic stretching and jogging. Although it can not be guaranteed that it will not be injured, warm-up is very important to adjust the psychological state, which is also helpful to reduce sports injuries.

master the correct movement skills

The reason why many people suffer from leg muscle strain is that the posture is wrong. Therefore, before an exercise, we must master relevant action skills to ensure the action quality in the exercise.

increase your workout gradually

When exercising leg muscles, we should arrange the amount of exercise according to our own actual situation, and do not suddenly carry out high-intensity exercise, but increase it step by step.

don't forget to organize your activity

after your workout
After exercise, you can do some finishing activities, among which stretching is a good choice. Stretching exercise can increase muscle flexibility. Good flexibility can first increase the range of motion of joints during exercise, and second, the ability to control movements at will is more accurate; Third, accelerate the elimination of fatigue, effectively prevent delayed muscle soreness, prevent muscle stiffness and muscle strain.

with a reasonable diet

Diet may also affect the possibility of sports injury. Only a healthy diet can have a healthy body. In the daily diet, we should develop good eating habits, ensure the balance of nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less high calorie and high-fat foods.

Quadriceps femoris strain is the fastest recovery method. How to prevent quadriceps femoris strain

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