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How to prevent osteoporosis

want to prevent bone loosening? Foreign studies have found that walking 5 kilometers a day and 90 steps per minute for 15 consecutive weeks significantly increased bone density. Healthy walking has low damage to joints and is the most suitable exercise for the elderly. In addition, proper sun exposure, less smoking and drinking can also keep away from osteoporosis.

high risk population of osteoporosis over 70 years old

according to the report of the International Osteoporosis Foundation and the epidemiological data of Taiwan, by 2050, the prevalence rate of osteoporosis in the domestic population over the age of 50 will be as high as 57%, especially the population of the elderly over the age of 70 will be as high as 5.5 million, which is a high-risk population of osteoporosis.

How to prevent osteoporosis

bone loose invisible killer has a high death rate

osteoporosis has no obvious symptoms; In case of fracture, spinal body and hip fractures are the most serious. Long-term bed rest leads to a variety of complications, such as pneumonia and thrombosis, and the probability of death will increase.

How to prevent osteoporosis

walking every day to increase bone density

according to the academic research of the American Centers for Disease Control and prevention and orthopaedic journals, walking about 5 kilometers a day at a speed of 90 to 120 steps per minute for 15 weeks can significantly increase the bone density of the whole body by 0.4%. Zhou Linchuan suggested that if you don't have exercise habits at ordinary times, you can start with healthy walking, have at least 15 minutes of sunshine every day, and avoid smoking and drinking at ordinary times, so as to stay away from the threat of osteoporosis.

How to prevent osteoporosis

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