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How to exercise PC muscle correctly

primary stage

Contract PC muscle 20 times. Hold each contraction for 1 to 2 seconds, and then relax the muscles. Three times a day, three to four days a week. Just keep breathing normally during practice without holding your breath.

How to exercise PC muscle correctly

add 10 slow contractions to each group of contraction exercises. Take 5 seconds to slowly contract the PC muscle until it can't continue to contract. Then, keep the tension for more than 5 seconds and, if possible, gradually relax the muscles for 5 seconds.

How to exercise PC muscle correctly

intermediate stage

After two weeks of primary training, intermediate training can be carried out, but the contraction time and contraction times can be increased on the basis of primary training. Try to change the contraction time to 5 ~ 7 seconds, 50 contractions each time, the same three groups every day, and you will find that this group of muscles have been controlled by you.
At the end of exercise every day: contract the PC muscle and keep it for 30 seconds. In this process, keep breathing gently and relax. Repeat this 20 times.

How to exercise PC muscle correctly
How to exercise PC muscle correctly


Men can also perform PC muscle exercise in the state of erection.

How to exercise PC muscle correctly

resistance training 1: put a small towel on your erect Ding, and then lift the towel by contracting your PC muscles. Hold on for 2 ~ 5 seconds, relax again and repeat 30 times.

resistance training 2: put your hand 2.5cm ~ 5cm above the erection Ding. Contract PC muscles and let Tintin erect to the palm of your hand. Hold on for 2 ~ 5 seconds, relax again and repeat 30 times.


Exercise PC muscle should not be excessive. Excessive stimulation will cause muscle fatigue. In addition, it is not recommended to hold urine forcibly in urination, which may cause urethral infection. In addition, exercising PC muscles can also be with your partner. It's more effective and fun to exercise PC muscle when it's popping.
Methods: after Ding Ding's erection, he can pull and insert, and both sides can take turns to exercise PC muscles - he contracts, and then she contracts.

many people think that the position of PC muscle is different between men and women. In fact, the position is the same. PC muscle is also called pubococcidial muscle. It is between scrotum and anus and close to prostate. It is one of the muscle groups that control urination, ejaculation and erection.

How to exercise PC muscle correctly

a simpler way to judge: when you pee, you suddenly stop it and feel that the muscle is working hard.

when PC muscle is active, it can control male erectile activity. With strong PC muscles, you will get a stronger and stable erection. Women's exercise can make their private parts more elastic, smooth and tight.

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