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How can we walk correctly?

healthy people can walk, but do you know what kind of posture is the most correct? Come on, everybody, hurry up and call your little friends to come and increase your knowledge.

keep your body straight

the so-called "keep your body straight" means that you look around us. Many people bend their body, either bow their waist or bend their legs. It's wrong to walk like this. You must let your whole body, It is linear.

How can we walk correctly?

lift your chest and close your abdomen

no matter men or women, you must walk, which helps to maintain your figure, And can give more "breathing" opportunities to the organs in the chest and abdomen, which is also greatly beneficial to health.

How can we walk correctly?

keep your arms at ease

when walking, be sure to pay attention to your arms, Don't be too rigid and drooping, which is bad for the blood circulation of the arm. It can swing naturally without a particularly large range, as long as you feel comfortable.

How can we walk correctly?

lift your feet and don't drag

personally, I hate people who walk with their feet dragging on the ground, Unless you are seriously ill and want to hang up soon, you should lift your feet. You can see for yourself that those people who walk close to the ground are either lazy people in life or people who have no hope and expectation for life. In short, people who "wait for death" drag like this. Therefore, they must raise their feet and walk out of the sense of rhythm.

How can we walk correctly?

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