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How can flat support not be tired? Why does flat support shake

today, let Xiaobian analyze for you how the flat support is not tired and why the flat support shakes. I've just done the flat support for two minutes. I feel so tired after running a kilometer. Why is it so tired to do the flat support?

Why is the flat support so tired

strict action requirements

As a muscle training method, flat support requires the participation of all muscles of the whole body. Moreover, it is difficult to keep the body straight at any time and maintain this position for the longest time as possible. Therefore, it is particularly tiring to keep your arms, waist and abdomen in a straight line.

insufficient muscle strength

Feeling tired may also be due to your lack of muscle strength. At this time, it's best to strengthen your weak muscles. After increasing strength practice, flat support can be done for a longer and easier time.

takes a long time

Of course, doing flat support for too long will also be tired. After all, people's muscle bearing capacity is limited. However, it doesn't matter if you are tired. It has an effect. Only when you are tired indicates that fat is burning. In addition, doing flat support is not the longer the better. We just need to practice according to our own physical conditions. Because plate support is not aerobic exercise, but a static anti resistance exercise, it is not necessary to follow the rule that aerobic exercise must exercise for more than half an hour to exert its effect.

action not standard

The reason why many people are tired when doing flat support is that the action is not standard. There are wrong actions such as hip upturning, waist sinking and head tilting back. The whole body weight is concentrated on the arm, which leads to fatigue and even pain of the arm soon.

How can flat support not be tired? Why does flat support shake

how to relax when you're tired of doing flat support

relax your arm

Relax all parts of the body, such as arms, legs and abdomen, which can effectively relieve pain and fatigue. You can swing your arms and turn your wrist joints.


Massage can help muscles relax, promote acid excretion and muscle blood circulation, help sore muscles recover and relieve fatigue.

hot pack

Hot compress or soaking in a warm bath can relax blood vessels, strengthen permeability, promote blood circulation, discharge lactic acid and other metabolites produced during exercise as soon as possible, accelerate the elimination of fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness.

How can flat support not be tired? Why does flat support shake

how to practice flat support without getting tired

1. The practice of flat support should vary from person to person. People who have never been in contact with flat support can reduce the difficulty and adopt kneeling posture. The same use can achieve the effect of exercise. Then increase the intensity according to the physical condition and feeling. Primary contacts can take 15 seconds in each group and do two groups at a time; Intermediate contacts can take each group for 30 seconds and do three groups at a time; Senior contacts can take the frequency of one minute in each group, three to four groups at a time, or two minutes in each group, two to three groups at a time. 2. Plate support is a kind of exercise to exercise the core muscle group. The focus of support is on the shoulders, abdomen and hips, but the muscle training is not balanced. Because some muscles cannot achieve the exercise effect through plate support, other actions such as supine and hip can be added for practice; It can also cooperate with abdominal training, interspersed in several movements, which can increase abdominal muscle tension and improve the effect of abdominal exercise. When doing flat support, we should also cooperate with scientific and regular breathing.

How can flat support not be tired? Why does flat support shake

Why does the flat support shake

insufficient muscle strength

Our muscles will show a state of tension and congestion through exercise. At this time, the blood will be filled with muscle fibers, making them have a sense of expansion and oxidation. But some people's muscle strength is not strong, and their muscle fibers have not reached that level, but the strength of their flat plate support exceeds what they can bear. Therefore, blood will not be able to complete oxidative metabolism in muscle tissue and expand circulation in muscle fibers, because the muscle space you provide it is not enough, that is, it is not developed enough. So I can't help shaking. This is a very normal phenomenon. Don't worry, as long as you don't exceed it in the future. The best way to do flat support is to improve with the improvement of muscle development. Generally, it is the shaking of the waist, abdomen, lower back or thigh. Specifically, it depends on which part of the shaking is strong, that part has weak strength. If there are many waist and abdomen, it is the lack of core strength. Just strengthen exercise and it will eventually be improved. This is also the reason why after enhancing the strength of the abdomen, the plate support can be done for a longer time, which is easier and easier.

too little exercise

The contraction of abdominal muscle during plate support is very characteristic. When the muscle is relatively static, it is elongated and isometric contraction. Therefore, the training of nervous system is more than that of muscle circumference. If you practice less and the neural pathway is not comfortable, the nervous system should call more muscle fibers to participate. If the call is not in place, of course, it will shake. In the final analysis, there is still no more exercise, resulting in lack of muscle strength. In this case, just practice more. In addition, shaking can also be maintained, but it is recommended not to continue for 10-20 seconds, so as to avoid action compensation. Just do your best.

excessive muscle tension

The condition of shaking when doing flat support may also be caused by excessive muscle tension or muscle force reaching the current personal strength limit. Some people are too nervous when doing flat support, and their arms are too hard. At this time, it is recommended to use low selection and land on your knees. After cooperating with other abdominal and core training for a period of time, the core strength will be enhanced, and then choose difficult and long-term movements. At the same time, it is recommended to cooperate with other abdominal curling movements while flat support training, and conduct aerobic training warm-up 10-15 minutes in advance. Doing some warm-up exercise in advance will help to relieve the tension of the muscles after doing flat support.

How can flat support not be tired? Why does flat support shake

precautions for plate support

1. Keep your body straight at all times to ensure the standard of action. If you want to increase the difficulty, your arms or legs can be improved. 2. A suitable flat plate is required, which should not be too hard or too soft. Keep the shoulders above the elbows and keep the abdominal muscles contracting (control). 3. The wrist is injured and the lumbar spine is bad. Beginners of yoga are not suitable for practicing flat support for a long time.

How can flat support not be tired? Why does flat support shake

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