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Can lunge squat lose weight? What are the benefits of lunge squat

there are many exercises in the gym, among which the lunge squat should be the most common. Many people will take it as one of the most important strength training movements and an important auxiliary training item of weightlifting. Is lunge squatting aerobic or anaerobic?

is lunge squat aerobic or anaerobic

anaerobic exercise.

aerobic exercise has low intensity, rhythm, uninterrupted and long duration. It is an exercise mainly supplying energy by the aerobic metabolism of fat. Most of the anaerobic exercise is the exercise with high load intensity and strong instantaneity, with short duration. If the aerobic metabolism can not meet the needs of the body at this time, sugar begins to undergo anaerobic metabolism to quickly produce a large amount of energy.

lunge squat is a hip and leg comprehensive training action, which belongs to one of the strength training actions. It has high intensity. Generally speaking, it can not be done without interruption, and the duration is not long. It does not rely on aerobic energy metabolism. Generally speaking, it does not accord with the characteristics of aerobic exercise, does not belong to aerobic exercise, and is more in line with the characteristics of anaerobic exercise.

Can lunge squat lose weight? What are the benefits of lunge squat

can lunge squat lose weight


although lunge squatting is an anaerobic exercise, practicing lunge squatting can not only exercise the leg muscles, but also help the leg and hip muscles become more compact, reduce the excess fat of the hip and leg, and tighten the legs and beautify the leg lines. If you want better results, you can stretch and jog after lunge squat.

Can lunge squat lose weight? What are the benefits of lunge squat

what are the benefits of lunge squats

exercise muscles

lunge squat is a comprehensive hip and leg training action. During the action, it has great stimulation to the hip, leg and other muscle groups. Muscle groups such as quadriceps femoris, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, hamstring, gastrocnemius and core muscle groups can get different degrees of exercise.

leg strength

lunge squat is one of the most important strength training movements. It has a good effect on leg muscles. Correct lunge squat can strengthen leg strength.

strengthen physical fitness

lunge squat is also very helpful for the improvement of physical quality. Core muscle group and lower body strength training are the key points to form physical quality. Therefore, practicing lunge squat can shape strong physical quality.

improve sports safety

most of the natural movements of the body, such as carrying, running and mountaineering, are dominated by the lower limbs. The most commonly used muscles for mountaineering are the muscles of the legs. If the muscles of both legs are not strong, it is easy to be weak when climbing. If you walk reluctantly, it is easy to hurt your knees, lose balance, fall and other injuries. Therefore, in the lower limb movement, it is best to exercise the leg muscles first, so as to be safer and improve your exercise ability!

Can lunge squat lose weight? What are the benefits of lunge squat

standard lunge squat

1. Stand naturally with your hands on your hips or on your head, eyes looking forward, chin slightly retracted, abdomen tightened, and keep your trunk upright.

2. Withdraw the left foot one step backward and keep the right foot and knee in a straight line.

3. Bend the right leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground.

4. Hold the above posture for 2 seconds, then slowly rise and return to the initial posture, repeat this for 15 times, and then change your legs.

Note: in this process, the body is always upright without any shaking, and the action is considered standard.

Can lunge squat lose weight? What are the benefits of lunge squat

what should you pay attention to when doing lunge squat

1. When squatting, the knee joint of the front leg shall not exceed the toe, and the body weight shall be between the two legs.

2. When standing up, don't lean forward and keep upright.

3. Keep the inside of your feet in a straight line during the journey.

4. Don't lift the dumbbell with the strength of biceps brachii. It won't do much to exercise your thighs.

Can lunge squat lose weight? What are the benefits of lunge squat

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