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What should be paid attention to in exercise of chronic patients

Exercise is good for health, but we should still pay attention to safety to avoid sports injury and even physical discomfort during exercise. We should be more careful, which may be fatal; Experts suggest that, especially with chronic diseases, we should choose appropriate exercise through doctors' advice.

Regular health checks to develop exercise habits

Modern people rarely exercise. When they meet holidays, they go to exercise and fitness. Going up the mountain and down the sea is prone to sports injury. In fact, they should understand their health status before exercise, have regular health examination, fully master their health status and develop exercise habits, so as to really add points to their health.

Precautions for exercise of chronic patients

Chronic patients should ask their doctors to recommend sports

Especially when there are chronic diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes, if you want to exercise to strengthen your health, you should do well in disease control and take medicine on time. Besides, you should ask your doctor to suggest sports and choose suitable sports so as to reduce the problems that may arise due to exercise, so that exercise is safe.

Precautions for exercise of chronic patients

Don't try too hard, just do what you can

You should be careful if you have a headache, bad breathing, white lips, stomachache or abnormal heartbeat during exercise! If you have any discomfort during exercise, you should stop exercise, and don't do too intense exercise; Because there are many factors that will cause discomfort during exercise, it may be poor sleep and high pressure; Therefore, don't be too reluctant to exercise, just do what you can.

Precautions for exercise of chronic patients

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