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What are the techniques for doing sit-ups

When it comes to sit ups, many people are afraid of their heads. In fact, it's much easier to master the method. Here's how to do more sit ups.

The cushion should be hard

when doing sit ups, the cushion under your body must be hard, not too soft. If the cushion is too soft, you can't do much if your body can't use force.

How to do more sit ups

When someone presses your foot

to do sit ups, someone should press your foot hard, In this way, when you get up, your feet can also stretch their strength, which makes it easier to get up with this force. Do more.

How to do more sit ups

Bend your knees

bend your knees when doing sit ups, You can't make your thighs and lower legs too close, otherwise your posture is uncomfortable, you can't use force, and you don't do much.

How to do more sit ups

Hold your head with both arms when you get up and force your back

hold your head with both arms when you do sit ups, It can drive the head to get up. When getting up, the back should be forced violently. With the help of the downward force of the back, the body will rebound. In this way, it will save much effort and do much more.

How to do more sit ups

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