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What are the hazards of fasting exercise

The first thing many people do when they wake up in the morning is to exercise. Regardless of whether the goal is to lose weight or exercise, some people choose to exercise on an empty stomach. How about fasting exercise?

How about fasting exercise

Do more harm than good

The well-known advantage of fasting exercise is to lose weight and burn fat faster, but it also has great disadvantages, which will lead to hypoglycemia, weight rebound, thrombosis and muscle loss. Generally speaking, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, and fasting exercise is not recommended.

The benefits of fasting exercise and the harm of fasting exercise to human body

What are the hazards of fasting exercise

Muscle loss

prolonged fasting exercise will cause a serious situation: the increase of cortisol level, resulting in muscle consumption. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by ourselves. Under normal circumstances, the body can control the content of cortisol in the blood. During fasting exercise, high cortisol levels break down the muscles in the body.

Missing moisture

fasting exercise will produce a lot of nitrogen-containing wastes and ketones in the body. In order to discharge these wastes out of the body, the body will further produce urine and increase the excretion of urine, resulting in dehydration. At this time, the body is in a crisis of lack of energy and water. Dehydration and muscle loss will make it more and more difficult to lose weight.

Causes hypoglycemia

fasting exercise will lower blood glucose concentration. Blood sugar is the direct energy material of the brain. If the concentration is too low, the brain will feel tired due to lack of power, people will feel dizzy and weak, and some people will look pale and sweat cold. If it continues, it will be delirious and even coma. Moderate carbohydrate supplement will supplement energy to the brain, produce pleasant and refreshing nerve conduction substances, and make the exercise process more pleasant and relaxed.

Easy to cause sudden death

when the blood sugar in the body is low, if you continue to exercise, the body will use a lot of fat to provide energy, and then produce a lot of fat metabolites - ketones, which may poison the human body. Moreover, fasting exercise will lead to the increase of free fatty acids in human blood. If there are too many free fatty acids, there will be "poisons" that damage the myocardium. This kind of poisons is easy to lead to abnormal heart rhythm and even sudden death.

Weight loss is easy to rebound

whether fasting exercise can lose weight depends on the situation. It is reasonable to say that fasting exercise does contribute to fat burning, but it is also easy to make people have a strong sense of hunger. If you eat a lot after exercise, it will not reduce weight, but it will more easily lead to obesity.

The benefits of fasting exercise and the harm of fasting exercise to human body

What to eat before exercise

Low GI carbohydrate

GI value is the blood glucose generation index, which reflects the degree of blood glucose rise caused by food. Low GI food, after entering the gastrointestinal tract, has slow digestion and absorption, slow glucose release, low peak value after entering the blood, slow decline, and low blood glucose level. Therefore, foods with low GI value are more suitable for eating before fitness!

coarse cereals: brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, etc;

fruits: apples, persimmons, strawberries, oranges, bananas, etc;

beans: soybeans, soybeans, etc.

The benefits of fasting exercise and the harm of fasting exercise to human body

Principles of diet before exercise

1. Eating an appropriate amount of "compound carbon water" food can also be simply understood as coarse grain. The sugar in these foods is absorbed slowly, which is conducive to the continuous release of energy during exercise, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc;

2. Take an appropriate amount of protein, such as eggs, whey protein, meat products, sugar free yogurt, etc;

3. Try to avoid fat intake. Excessive fat intake before exercise may have a negative impact on exercise;

4. Don't be fasting or too full before exercise. If you eat too full, you should rest for 1 ~ 2 hours before exercise.

The benefits of fasting exercise and the harm of fasting exercise to human body

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