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Is whey protein powder necessary for muscle growth

if you want to be healthy and have a standard body shape, it is essential to develop the habit of daily fitness; However, in addition to fitness, we need enough nutrition to achieve our goal. In particular, whey protein supplementation after exercise can improve muscle training during fitness exercise and the effectiveness of weight management. As a result, many people will immediately supplement whey protein after fitness exercise.

safe and effective exercise is mild to moderate

if modern people want to exercise safely and effectively, they must first understand the intensity of exercise and increase the amount of exercise step by step. They also hope to indicate their most appropriate sports under the doctor's health planning, so as not to cause sports injury or even sudden acute diseases due to sports mistakes. Sports can be divided into severe, moderate and mild. The daily exercise time depends on the exercise intensity, while safe, effective and suitable for most people are mild to moderate. Sports include fast walking, cycling, swimming and dancing.

Do you need whey protein powder for fitness

whey protein supplementation improves fitness

protein is a very important nutrient for human body, and protein can help muscle growth. For people engaged in fitness, exercise and weight management, adequate and appropriate protein intake is the key to the effect. Due to the rapid absorption of whey protein in the human body, whey protein can be decomposed into small amino acid molecules within 30 minutes and sent to various tissues in the body, which can also improve the muscle training effect of fitness exercise.

Do you need whey protein powder for fitness

whey protein supplement is convenient and conducive to gastrointestinal absorption

so what exactly is whey protein? Why does exercise need whey protein? Whey protein is the most common protein supplement, which is refined from milk. The protein content in milk is about 3.2%, of which 20% is whey protein and 80% is casein. When making cheese, casein will solidify and the remaining liquid is whey protein. Whey protein itself contains only a small amount of lactose, but it contains all nine essential amino acids. After exercise, whey protein supplement is not only convenient, but also conducive to gastrointestinal absorption. It can supplement the glycogen consumption of liver and skeletal muscle in a short time.

Do you need whey protein powder for fitness

whey protein is not recommended for non severe exercise

can I supplement whey protein if I don't exercise? What happens if you add too much? Excessive protein will cause physical burden, because when protein is decomposed into amino acids, some nitrogen-containing waste substances will be produced, which need to be metabolized through the kidney, so it will cause renal burden; Therefore, if you are a mild or moderate athlete, you do not need to supplement the high whey protein for retraining, so as not to cause the burden of liver and kidney.

Do you need whey protein powder for fitness

those who need to limit protein intake should eat whey protein under the guidance of doctors

when some people eat whey protein at the initial stage, they may occasionally have some rare adverse reactions or side effects, such as lactose intolerance, loose stool due to intestinal peristalsis stimulation, gastric flatulence, and even some people with latent liver and kidney diseases will worsen the acute condition of potential liver and kidney diseases, such as urinary calculi Kidney stones, even renal failure, or acute deterioration of liver function. Therefore, for those who need to limit protein intake due to latent liver and kidney diseases, it is more important to choose high-quality and appropriate protein supplement, and they should eat whey protein under the guidance of doctors.

Do you need whey protein powder for fitness

see clearly the ingredients listed on the nutrition label

if office workers want to be healthy, they should not only exercise, but also adjust their diet. They should absorb nutrition in a balanced way, persevere and slowly change their diet, exercise habits and nutritional supplements. As for whey protein supplement, you should clearly see the contents of protein, calories, carbohydrates, fat, sugar and sodium listed on the nutrition label, accurately control the intake, and make choices according to your personal needs. Although whey protein supplements can help consume the required protein mass and increase muscle mass, ingesting more whey protein is not equivalent to increasing muscle mass. In other words, it's not that the more you eat, the better. It should be enough.

Do you need whey protein powder for fitness

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