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How to prevent Injuries when doing yoga

Choose a regular yoga place

with the increasing popularity of yoga, there are many yoga halls and fitness halls in the market. These halls have different advantages and disadvantages. When choosing an exercise place, you must choose a regular place. There are many coaches in regular places, And the coach's qualification will be hung on the wall. You can say hello when signing up, or try a class first; Bad coaches may teach the wrong way and master the time well, resulting in students' strain.

How to prevent strain in yoga?

Warm up before practice

yoga will do warm-up before formal practice, shaking legs Pat your waist, turn your joints, twist your neck, and take several abdominal breaths; After doing these warm-up activities, it is easy to stretch and not easy to strain when you officially enter the Yoga course.

How to prevent strain in yoga?

Beginners should not practice by themselves

Some people think yoga is very gentle, You can watch TV at home and practice by yourself, but in fact, yoga belongs to the strength type. It is often tired and sweating at the end of an hour's class; Under the guidance of the coach, you can correct your mistakes on the spot, and you don't know if you make a mistake in your own practice. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners should not practice on their own, so as to avoid strain caused by action errors.

How to prevent strain in yoga?

Move slowly and gently

Yoga requires very slow movements, especially from the handstand After pressing the leg back, turn the neck and return to the timing. Because the meridians are stretched for a long time, it takes time for the blood to return. If you move too fast, you are prone to strain, dizziness and even fainting.

How to prevent strain in yoga?

Move step by step

Everything has a step-by-step process, and yoga is no exception, Start with simple actions, and then gradually deepen; Some people want to be fat and want to learn splitting in a few days. Obviously, they have reached the limit. They just endure the pain and continue to stretch. As a result, they didn't practice splitting successfully. People were injured and need to stay in bed.

How to prevent strain in yoga?

People with bone injuries and poor lumbar spine and cervical spine should not do yoga or be careful:
People with bone injuries should not do yoga at least in the early stage, so as not to aggravate their condition after strain injury; People with lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis have spinal deformation. If they do yoga, the intervertebral disc is easier to shift and cause more pain. It is recommended to exercise through other methods.

How to prevent strain in yoga?

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