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How do Beginners strengthen arms

Many beginners don't know how to exercise their arms. Let's have a look!

The most important thing to achieve your expected strength is persistence. For beginners, there is no need to buy a lot of health equipment at the beginning. In fact, they can't use it. Using some simple sports equipment, such as arm bars and dumbbells, may bring you different surprises.

How do beginners exercise their arms?

Narrow push ups

Push ups have many ways to exercise different muscles. This kind of narrow push ups is based on the "general push ups", and the spacing between hands is the same width or narrow as shoulder, and other postures are the same as "general push ups". Narrow push ups mainly exercise the raphe of pectoralis major and the triceps brachii of the arm. It is very helpful for the practice of arm strength.

Push ups

Push ups mainly exercise the muscles of upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially chest muscles. It is a very simple but effective means of strength training. Beginners can practice push ups in two groups, 15 to 20 times in each group; Athletes with a certain foundation can be divided into 3 groups, 20 times in each group; High level people can try 4 groups of 30 to 50 push ups. It is well-known to do push ups to practice strength, but we can't do them blindly. We pay attention to skills; Find a place with steps, about the same height as your knees, put your feet on the steps, support your hands on the ground, and tighten your waist; When bending the arm, the body slowly down and move slowly; When the arm is straight, the action should be fast, that is, slow down and fast up, which can improve the explosive force of the arm.

How do beginners exercise their arms?

Pull up

It's fun to pull up, because when you move up, you pull your weight up; When doing pull-up, don't finish it blindly in one breath, so you can't achieve the effect; When grasping the iron bar, you can hold it back. When pulling up, you should move slowly and pull your chin beyond the iron bar; When loosening down, also slowly relax the arm until the arm is straight. At this time, stay for one to two seconds and repeat the above action.

How do beginners exercise their arms?

Arm bar

Bend your arms and bend the spring behind your neck. Move your arms forward, bend the spring upward, and then relax. Close your arms to your chest, bend the spring, then straighten and slowly relax. Stand with your feet apart, bend your right elbow, bend the spring with your left hand, then bend your left elbow and bend the spring with your right hand. Hold the spring tightly with your arms behind you, then straighten down and bend gradually.

How do beginners exercise their arms?


Dumbbell up lunge squat, hands up, shrink waist and abdomen, and the included angle of legs and knees is 90 degrees. Inhale when squatting and exhale when standing. Mainly practice leg and hip muscles.

How do beginners exercise their arms?

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