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Will Latin dancing lead to precocious puberty?

Latin dance has no requirements for gender. Generally, boys and girls will learn. After mastering the basic movements, they will be divided into two groups, and there will be more physical contact during the dance.

children who dance are generally children and know little about the opposite sex, But you can feel the physiological differences between men and women. When dancing with your partner, you will be curious about each other's body, your mood will also be affected, and the hormones in your body will change accordingly.

if the nerve continuously stimulates the hypothalamus to produce growth hormone, At the same time, when estrogen / androgen is maintained at a high level for a long time due to stimulation, precocious puberty may occur in children dancing Latin dance.

of course, most children don't precocious because of Latin dancing, Because the frequency of Latin dance class arrangement is not high, most children's curiosity about sex is not so intense. If a child precocious puberty while dancing Latin dance, the greatest possibility is not Latin dance, but excessive intake of hormones.

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