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What are the essentials of national dance learning

national dance is a kind of dance. There are many basic essentials in the study of national dance. Now I'll tell you the basic essentials of famous dance learning.

observe carefully: if you are learning folk dance with a teacher, you must be careful in class. It depends not only on the action, but also on the details. Every detail is very important. Different details together form such a beautiful dance.

practice in the mirror: after class, you should also practice frequently. In front of the mirror, repeat the actions taught in class again and again to find the most beautiful position of each step. Slowly, muscle memory will be formed.

eyes: Dancing different national dances shows different, passionate and restrained. But you can show it through your eyes. Figure out the essence of your national dance. Dancing with eyes can express the soul of this dance.

listening to songs: you can listen to the songs of this folk dance at leisure or before going to bed at night. Listen to more, you will understand more about this dance, and the rhythm is getting better and better.

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