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The basic steps of ghost step dance are actually very simple

do you know the basic steps of ghost dance? Let's have a look.

ghost step dance prefers to touch the ground with hand movements. For example, as shown in the figure below, one hand is on the ground and the other hand is extended backward. And lean your head towards the side supporting your knees.

the basic steps of ghost step dance also include retreat. When retreating, you must ensure the cooperation of hand movements, and put one hand in the right position in front of your head. The other hand covers half of your eyes as shown in the figure below.

ghost steps generally pay attention to rhythm, which requires one leg to be straight, The other leg is bent, and it's best not to land on both feet at the same time. The body must be biased to one side.

if you practice ghost step dance well, you usually pay more attention to the sense of rhythm and jump, The amount of movement is also relatively large, paying attention to the feeling of instantaneous movement.

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