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Social rocking eight step tutorial

social rocking is a popular Divine Song in recent years. Many people are rocking along with this song. Do you know how it dances? Let's have a look.

Altman of social shaking

his feet are open, his hands are folded, swinging back and forth, and his head shakes slightly.

put one hand behind your head, hold one hand flat in front, and shake from left to right, with your feet shaking all the time.

social shaking monster

spread your feet and turn your hands out of the fist.

his hands become Altman's golden classic action, head by head, shaking his hands from left to right.

society shakes to buy a watch

spread your feet, bend your elbow with your left hand, look down at fern with your left wrist, Shake from left to right.

spread your feet, your right hand bit by bit, and your left wrist, shaking from left to right.

society shakes its small waist

open your feet, lift your hands up and shake your body.

spread your feet, hold your chest with your hands, and shake your body left and right.

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