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Michael Jackson space dance step Teaching

Michael Jackson's dance is admired by many people. The dance movements are very unique but very ornamental. So many people like it very much. Today, let's talk about the simple action of "spacewalk".

first prepare a pair of tight flat shoes, preferably rubber soles, which are wear-resistant, because this dance step depends on the quality of the shoes. So at the beginning, you can choose softer soles because it's easier to practice.

then is the site selection to ensure that the floor for your practice will not be too rough, so try to find a smooth ground.


Stand upright with both feet together, and then the left foot is slightly forward of the right foot (the front end of the right toe should be in the same line with the middle of the left toe).

then raise your right heel and look like you're walking. Stand in front of your right foot and keep your left foot in place without moving.

then when you put your right heel down, shift all your weight to your right foot, and then slowly drag your left foot back so that your left toe is flush with your right foot. When doing this step, the left heel should be slightly off the ground, and the left foot should not step down, otherwise it will not slide. Make sure you slowly lower your right heel and move your left foot at the same time. Controlling speed requires more practice.

be sure to practice the above steps until you are sure you can move without obstacles. Practice more in everything.

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