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Main types of popular dance

dance is a performing art that uses the body to complete various elegant or difficult movements. It is generally accompanied by music and takes rhythmic movements as the main means of expression. What are the popular dances today? Let me tell you that ~


is a skill hip-hop dance based on personal style. It is also the earliest hip-hop dance, which originated in the Bronx in the 1970s. It is worth noting that most of the early dancers who danced breaking were Spanish Americans, rather than African Americans. However, their preferred music style has greatly influenced hip-hop music. People who play breaking are called B-Boy or B-girl.


is a hip-hop dance. The general popping includes shoulders, chest, arms, legs, etc. Sometimes waving (current) is also integrated into the poppin range by current dancers. Locking, also known as lock dance, mainly changes hands and locks, producing a dazzling sense of beauty and strength. Today's poppin does not distinguish between old school and new school. It belongs to street dance. Mainstream media attribute the popularity of dance styles and related dance styles to films such as breakin ', but at the same time, there is confusion in the name because all these dance styles expressed in the film are called breakin dance (translated as break dance in China). In fact, there are several different kinds of dances in the film, such as breaking,, locking and so on.


It was in the 1970s that don Campbell invented this unique dance step of improvisation in a nightclub in Los Angeles. Is the body to do some fast movements, and then suddenly stop at a certain time. The most important key is the rotation and fixation of the hand. When practicing point. First shrug your shoulders, then move your arms with your shoulder straps and point to the side. Shoulder elbow fixed point. Note that when winding your hand, start from the inside of your thumb. When winding to your ears, you can hear the wind. At the same time, your arms must be flat and level with the ground.

fast step dance

is named for its fast steps and its lightness and dexterity It is known as "Happy Dance" because of its lively and lively style., Integrating some small jumps in ballet, it is more light and dexterous, more skilled and artistic charm. It originated in England. It was originally a black folk dance, and then gradually evolved. It has a close relationship with polka and chalston.

Samba dance

is a type of dance and music originated from Bahia, Brazil. It originated from the religious ritual dance of African aborigines. It was brought to Brazil by black slaves trafficked to Brazil, and then mixed with other local cultures, and gradually evolved into today's samba. Samba is now recognized as the symbol of Brazil and Brazilian Carnival. It is one of the most popular forms of Brazilian cultural expression. Among them, Bahia's circle (a kind of samba in Rio de Janeiro) was listed in the representative list of human intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2005.

Rumba Dance

rumba is a transliteration of Spanish rumba, expressed in R, also known as the dance of love, One of the Latin dance projects. A folk dance originated from African black songs and dances in the 16th century. It was popular in Latin America and later developed in Cuba, so it is also called Cuban rumba. The dance rhythm is 4 / 4 beat. Its characteristics are more romantic, charming dancing, sexy and enthusiastic; The steps are graceful, loving, lingering, paying attention to the body posture, the dance state is soft, the steps are graceful, and the flirtation is ambiguous. It is a kind of dance to express the love feelings of men and women. Rumba is the essence and soul of Latin music and dance. Its fascinating rhythm and body performance make Rumba one of the most common dances in dance halls.

bullfight dance

originated in France and widely spread in Spain, A dance that imitates the movements of a Spanish Matador. The male partner is as dignified and powerful as a matador; Without the twisting action of the crotch, the steps are clean and neat, and the dance music of music style gives people a kind of fearlessness to move forward bravely. The female partner's red shawl is valiant and charming. It evolved from bullfighting, the Spanish desire for freedom, the worship of brave people and the pursuit of love and happy life.

cowboy dance

, also known as agile dance. One of the Latin dance events, represented by J. It was originally a tap dance performed by cowboys in the western United States. It was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. During the Second World War, American soldiers were brought to Britain. Due to the influence of the war, people's mood for instant fun was high, which led to madness.

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