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How to learn to split? Split tips

now many people begin to learn dance to shape their bodies. As a basic skill of dance, splitting is a little difficult for many people to learn. Then Xiaobian will introduce you how to learn splitting and teach you some tips to make it easier for you to learn.

splitting is also difficult in the basic skills of dance. Don't be anxious when you start practicing. You should know that you can't eat hot tofu. Start with the most basic leg pressing and stretch your waist.

when you first practice splitting, you should warm up for about 20 minutes, In this way, injuries can be avoided during practice.

shoes are also exquisite when practicing splitting. It's best to choose soft dance shoes or soft shoes, It is easy to press down during practice, which can avoid foot injury.[pen]

when you start learning to split, press your leg to the maximum, and then stand up and shake your legs, Press it to the maximum, and then stand up and shake your legs.

when pressing your legs, you can also choose a small partner to help you press your legs, which is easier, After pressing, remember to shake your legs to prevent leg injury.

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