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Graphic method for adult self-study of basic dance skills

at the beginning, we need to do it a little bit. Don't rush to promote it. First, put the leg on the pole and press the leg, and stick the lower abdomen to the thigh as much as possible. In this way, more practice for a few days will help open the muscles and bones of the whole body and make the body more flexible. It's easier to practice later

split leg, split leg is the basic skill of practicing dance, which is conducive to stretching students' leg ligaments. During training, pay attention to the instep not to relax.

lower your waist, extend your chest slowly towards your waist, only lower your waist back, your hands and head down, and bend to the limit, Relax breathing, hold for about 1 minute

shoulder compression, open the shoulder flexibility exercise, and when pressing the shoulder, Put your arms straight on the pole. The distance between the legs is the same as the shoulder width, relax

kick the hind legs, stretch out your hands, straighten your knees, raise your head and look straight ahead, Keep your upper body still and don't lean left and right

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