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Complete collection of square dance songs

square dance is a rhythmic dance that residents spontaneously perform in open spaces such as squares, yards and dams for the purpose of fitness.

see through love, see through you

moonlight in the lotus pond
hot love song
the biggest wife
the most dazzling national style
flying freely
red mountains
I come from the grassland
horse pole
I love you more than you love my
brother and sister
red dust love song
Teana legend
Drunken Beauty
see mountain red
broken lotus roots
Acacia debt
white fox
men's wine and women's tears
all love
grassland love brother
beautiful girl is about to get married
you are my fate
Lang's temptation
this street
I'm going to Tibet
the bluer the sky, the more I miss you
silly love and wait
sky blue
Mrs. Shexiang
Jiangnan style
wait for roses of love
I have an agreement with the grassland
Mongolian girl
OBO meet again
two butterflies
gallop on horseback
our ballad
who did you give your love to
yo love song
red SA rilang
exclusive right of love
sing loudly
green whirlwind
can't hurt DJ
yellow rose
lover bridge
mani love song
Dandelions bloom red
ten Red Army square dance
love hurts you love hurts me
Populus euphratica bride
Alpine sophora flower bloom
confused love
helpless ending
heart flies in the cloud
Naxi love song
flower heart legend
who my tears fly for
peach blossom luck
see red square dance in the mountain
Hu Qin love
rage of love

Complete collection of square dance songs

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